25 May 2012

{★} the agony of choice ...

Heiya !
When I started to prepare YUKULICIOUS I had a bunch of ideas what I want to post then...
Now I can't decide which of the posts I planned I am going to do at first...
So I thought about letting you choose instead of feeling the agony of choice all alone. hehe

There are a bunch of reviews I would like to do.

- about my new lenses (you already see me wearing them in the header)
- about a movie I saw a few days ago - Golden Bomber's Suri Nokoshita Natsu
- about one of my favorite animes so far (I finished watching it last week) - Soul Eater
- about a bunch of false lashes I bought or/and got as a present.
I would like to review all pairs of lashes I have... so I probably end up writing not just one post about that.

I also have a hell lot of photos of my last gets and shopping sprees I took and want to share them with you ..

Plus: Of course the impressions of May 15 and a short concert review.
Including a short review about their (LM.C) new album as well. 
(it's quite late for that... but anyway!)

Now... I'll pass the decision on to you - Choose wise! haha

I'm waiting for your comments and wishes !! (´▽°) ~☆

PS: I wanted to share my last success (at least kinda that. eheeh) in drawing.
It was a part of the birthday present for my best friend p*chan.
No... actually my Korean is the worst
... but I have a good translator. haha
How do you like my first-try-Yoseobbie?

 now listening to: 산소같은 너 by 샤이니  


  1. Also, ich würd sagenm, machs Chronisch. zb die dinge wie der film, konzert usw, was passier ist, chronisch uppen, und die reviews dann hinterher :D wobei ich cirlce lense reviews ziemlich eintönig und langweilig find, die lashes würden mich eher interessieren ^.^ ♥

  2. Aww, danke und danke, dass du ein Cutie(Follower) geworden bist♥ :3 Ich habe mir letztens auch Circle Lenses nur in schwarz gekauft :DD Nur krieg ich sie ned ins Auge rein xD