5 June 2012

{music} [2/2] the root of all evil - or...

... what made me be into those kinds of music !?

Heiya !
Here now the second part of the topic I just wrote about yesterday....
Now we are going into j-music. In fact: J-ROCK/Visual Kei.
I just realized that I react more emotional when I clicked through my first 5 j-rock songs than I was yesterday when I watched my first 3 k-pop songs...
The reason is not absolutely because I could be more into j-rock than in k-pop...
But because J-ROCK was first. I guess. eh-he

Anyway let's start with them - my first 5 J-ROCK songs:

1 The GazettE's Filth in the Beauty

Watching this PV still gives me chills.
I love the scene where they start head-banging. gnaah
The GazettE simply are one of the most amazing bands in VK - ever. True story.
Another note: this creepy man still scares the crap out of me... 

2 An Cafe's Kakusei Heroism - the hero without a name -

I almost started crying watching this. I love the song and the PV.
An Cafe really was my first bias in VK/J-ROCK and they are still.
I love them. All of them - every single member.
When I started liking them there was much hate against cute, young new members Yu-Ki and takuyan.
I never really understood. I mean - they couldn't replace Bou - of course they couldn't.
But they never really were there to do so. They were and are always themselves - no more, no less. 

And it's fine like that. I really love them for that.

3 miyavi's JIBUN KAKUMEI

I just love it. It's fun, it's cool. It's simply... what MYV was these days.
And it's my first meeting point with him.. He was such a crazy... dork, wasn't he?
I'm always amazed watching all his PVs... He was/is so changable.

I envy him for being so much and still himself. He's a great musician.

4 alice nine's WHITE PRAYER

alice nine. - were and are one of my first biases ever.
This PV is simply... amazing. I really like it. And I really, really liked it back then.
I just don't like Toras hair style...  ... nothing else to say. 

5 Ayabie's Cubic' [L/R] ock

The first thing I ever saw of them.
It's super cute and funny. There are so many details in that PV. It always amazes me anew.
Aoi looks so adorable in skirts and Kenzo is just hot. Dunno why. Just deal with it.
I was kinda sad when they ... disbanded - departed - howsoever.
But I really like Yumehitos voice and the music (new) AYABIE is doing...
I really liked Aois solo project as well.
I wonder if there will ever be the 5 of them again...

That's it! I would like to know your first songs as well.
You don't need to write a post on your own - but I'm curious!
How about a comment ?

Next I'll write a short review about the past week end and then 
- finally - continue with all the other stuff I have/wanted to write about !
Stay tuned !

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  1. Awww, die guten alten Zeiten als ich noch Miku cosplayte, haha!
    Hmm weiß gar nicht was so meine ersten Videos waren...Miyavi war der erste Jrocker den ich lieben lernte, nachdem ich von Gazette und Diru ziemlich...abgeschreckt wurde (jaja ich war mal so zart beseitet..(?) haha xD)
    Hmm Jibun Kakumei war das erste Video, aber das erste Lied war...noch älter. kA mehr wie es heißt :/ Aber einfach nur hammer...müsste ich mal wieder raussuchen...~!
    Hmm...ja und die nachfolgenden Songs weiß ich nicht...aber Jibun Kakumei war auch das erste was ich sah :D