5 July 2012

{music} ギルガメッシュ and 絶頂BANG!!


I'm pretty busy today, right?
I just felt like writing something about this now.
I should be more spontanious like that when I have enough time!
Yesterday (4th of July) girugamesh released their new single  絶頂BANG!! (Zecchou BANG!!).
It's been one year and almost 9 months since their last release and when I watch their new MV now (and I did it 2 or 3 times the past hour) I realize how much I actually missed them.
It's nice to see them again. I'm kinda confused by Ryo's hairstyle but it's OK.
Satoshi looks as adorable handsome as everytime, Nii is random and just cool (like always) and after my first impression of Shuu's outfit which comes around with the new hairstyle, dark make up and this scarf... was kinda... fruity - I really like his hair and everything now.
He's simply my all-time favorite! hehe

I read a bunch of offensive/annoyed comments under some YouTube's MVs because of the dancing girls in it. Some fans still seem to get jealous because of dancers... uhh
I mean... it's not like Satoshi or anyone would have started a dewily tongue kiss with one of them on camera. They just dance, it's funny and they may not look like super models but that's all and be done with it!

I really like the turnout of the MV. It's simple and straight and has some funny parts because of the dancers and when you see the close up of the whole band shouting "saikouchou zecchou BANG!!" I really love this scenes... 
But get your own impression!

I also like their outfits.
Nii's pants are cool, Shuu is just fashionable no matter what and most of all I fell for Satoshi's outfit! A black-green(red&white) combination! Damn it! You're awesome!
(sorry Ryo... but you are kinda... strange in your get-up)

I read (again) critic about their new style and their change in music's style as well.
But seriously... I don't get it exactly.
I'm girugamesh fan since... I don't know... 2007? 2008 latest.
So I REALLY know ''the old'' girugamesh.
I love their old ''dark'' songs but I also, really enjoy their new music. They became dancable and they - girugamesh themselves - once said (when they started to do more dancable rock), that they had the impression their fans were and are willing to dance.
I really like their new style and I'm not only willing to dance but also willing to accept their change and keep faith with them. It's their decision what they make girugamesh look like.
And I don't support them just because of their own sake but because I really like it.
I won't say, that I like their new songs more than their old songs... 
But I think it's sad to see that girugamesh fans who actually should act in concert, who actually are kind of a family, eat other fans alive just because they are younger fans - just because they enjoy their biases (NOW). What's wrong with it?
Saying girugamesh got idealess is rough... doing that kind of stuff also.
In the end we are living NOW and should support our favorite bands NOW
(instead of sheding tears over th past girugamesh and insulting those who have other opinions)
If you ever really listened carefully to their songs - or read their lyrics - you should have learned that small bit. At least that.

Sorry for that but I just had to say what was on my mind.

.... well! To end this super nice long post some dates about the record itself:

「Zecchou BANG!!」

Type A : saikouchou-ban 2 CDs (2012/7/4)
2 track CD+Tokyo Sadistic~Consecutive 13days~ LIVE Disc
2,100 yen (tax in)

1. Zecchou BANG!!
2. Zecchou BANG!!(utau no wa anata ver.)*Karaoke
[Includes LIVE Disc:10 Tracks]
Never ending story、CRAZY-FLAG、bit crash、stupid、Mouja no koushin fu junai(L)、Break Down、sunrise、evolution、Omaeni sasageru minikui koe

Type B : zecchou-ban CD+Booklet (2012/7/4)
2 track CD+Tokyo Sadistic~Consecutive 13days~ Complete Archive Book(32 color pages)
*Comes with a ticket to participate in signing events on girugamesh's national performance tour
2,100 yen (tax in)

1. Zecchou BANG!!
2. Zecchou BANG!!(utau no wa anata ver.)*Karaoke

*Limited-time-only single (sale ends 12/31/12)

I really feel the burning urge to get me at least one of this versions! 

I'll share the iTunes Link I just found with those who are interested. 
But I'm sure every online shop which provides Japanese rock/pop music will sell it as well.

Tell me your opinion! Should I do stuff like that more often?


  1. Ich hab die Band jetzt schon eine Zeit nicht mehr so verfolgt und war tatsächlich etwas verwirrt als ich das PV heute Mittag gesehen habe, aber der Song ist toll und das PV mag ich auch total. Ich war ehr verwirrt, weil ich eben total unvorbereitet darauf war und Giru daher kaum erkannt habe. XD Aber sehr gelungen~

  2. Ah finally followed you here! How are you btw? Havent heard about you like months 8( ah and I've updated my blog http://madselect.blogspot.fi

  3. Immer diese Menschen die es ja ach so viel besser wissen von wegen: "Altes Girugämesh war sooo viel besser~" Zwingen wir doch jede Band für immer dort zu bleiben, wo sie einmal war, oh ja das wäre ein Spaß :33
    Ganz ehrlich, ich habe keine Ahnung seit wie vielen Jahren ich girugämesh höre und liebe und daran wird sich auch nichts ändern, wenn sie weiter das machen was ihnen Spaß macht. Der Song ist gut und tanzbar, das ist die Hauptsache.

    Und meinetwegen darfst du öfters so etwas machen :3 Immer interessant zu lesen, was andere Menschen für Meinungen über Musik haben!

    lg ♥

  4. Wie diese Leute nerven - girugamesh sind meine Lieblingsband seit...ich weiß es nichtmals mehr. Ich mag ihren Wandel. Ihre Lives rocken, ihre Dankbarkeit ist mehr als nur toll (In Hamburg trugen sie unsere Hamburg Shirts beim Encore..) ;__;
    Sie sind wunderbar :3
    Und wegen dem Post follow ich dich mal *-*