3 July 2012

{event} "I won't go with this hair!" - but I did. - graduation ceremony post and prom night


I think... the week right before my graduation day/ceremony/day of my prom night was the most horrible I can remember... 
I was all stressed, I was all distressed and everything what could have gone wrong went wrong... with the surmisably best result.
My graduation was on a Friday (8th of June) and I was really late ordering my extensions from the UK.
As you maybe already assumed - they weren't there in time though I paid extra for the fastest delivery...
But I could have spend a billion Dollar on fast delivery and it would have changed nothing when British online shop owner/employees start to work on your order three or four workdays AFTER you ordered and paid at one go. Actually I really like the UK and their citizens... but this is something I really started hating them for this week... 

I told in the post before that I bought a dress for my prom night with my mom together.
And I literally fell in love with it.. 
I added a few faux pear blossoms because it was all white and I didn't want it to look like a wedding dress...
I thought about wearing a suit to my graduation ceremony in the early afternoon to build a high contrast to my lovely girly look at the prom night itself but then this damn photographer put a spoke in my wheel: He was going to take the photos of all seniors together before the ceremony starts and we were told to dress up in our occation wear for it.
And I was like: ''F*CK OFF!'' .... OK, rather: ''Hell no! This dress is meant to be worn on my prom night... I won't dress up all like this midday just because of this damn photo!''
And I really didn't. I searched for an alternative dress/coord because also the plan to wear a suite went awry... and then... my extensions didn't arrived and I looked in the mirror wearing my dress with short hair and felt like a transsexual guy who sneaked into his sister's room while she's on the go to dress up in her clothes... and it was the first time that this impression made me cry desperately.

coord I wore for the ceremony

I liked my make-up - at least one thing!
In the end I tried my best to make me look at least half as girly as I originally planned to look and a bit rebellious to conceal the despair and sorrow I actually went through.
But at first I really was like: ''I won't go.'' 

It was quite hot outside when we met for the photos in front of the building where our graduation ceremony took place and after some back and forth all the guests and our teachers and everyone arrived and the ceremony started with our running-in.
Our headmaster hold a speech and two of my class mates hold a speech vicarious for all of us graduates and then we got our certificates. We were ordered by ''class'' and then alphabetically but my name was missing.
I stunned for a while and started to ask myself if they forgot me before I realized that some other students weren't called as well. And then I started to realize... why.
I was one of the 8 best students.... so we got called seperated from our other students as ''graduates with an average of 1.5 or better''. I have 1.4... and guess what - at first I wasn't content at all because I know I would have been able to get an 1.2 average if I would have worked harder for and in my written exams or at least would have done an additional exam in English....
In the end... I just had to listen to sayings like ''You complain on a high level.'' or ''The average isn't that important. As long as you graduated well!'' but seriously, you can't impress a bloody perfectionist with stuff like that. 
me & Henny - god I loved her coord !
Henny went with us because we took her with us to the location of our prom night then.
We met my grand parents, my father and my best friend p*chan there. Of course she has to be with us!

love that pic. ♥ lol

she looked so fabulous!

me as ''the small white fairy-like thing in the middle''
(quote by my father)
All in all it was a nice party. Although the food was cold and not that good... the alcohol cocktails were way too expensive (drinks in general) and the music was not that good. At least if you wanted to dance - I wouldn't anyway... Some friends of me decided to change the location around half past 1 (in the night) because of that and we took p*chan with us because she wanted to go home.
We spend some time in a cocktail bar then and it was really funny. It was a good evening you can say.
I enjoyed it and everything. And in the end... that's all that counts, doesn't it?
I mean... you just graduate once... 
and to celebrate that I definitely wasn't drunk enough when I got home! 

 now listening to: GO-RA-KU by ZUCK 


  1. Erstmal Glückwunsch zu deinem Abschluss :D Ich mag dein Outfit beim 1. Bild *-* Sieht super cute aus x3 Das deine Extensions nicht früher gekommen sind ist doof! >.< Naja, aber mit den kurzen Haaren schaust du ja nicht schlimm aus :3 WOW, HAST DU EINEN GUTEN DURCHSCHNITT, RESPEKT! O__O ehrlich...wow..xD *staun* btw, du siehst so süß aus auf dem letzten Bild♥ Wie Tinkerbell :D Mir gefällt dein Kleid! >u<

  2. Meh, ich find das Outfit und das Make Up sehr sehr hübsch! xD Und Respekt, du bist hin! Wär ich nicht, lol XD ♥

  3. oh, thank you so much! I want to do lots of reviews and make my blog a lot bigger, that's my goal, ahaha!

    And thank you for all your other comments too, I read them all and I get so happy by them. I'm sorry that I haven't answered them all though, I feel really bad not answering everyones comments all the time, ahaha.

    But I don't always have time, and then I forget afterwards. ; _ ;