3 July 2012

{gets} shopping, shopping, shopping queen - may's haul

In order to shorten and shrink the effort and time to catch up with all the things happening back in May and June I decided to at least - gather every photos for May in two or three posts now...
So you get picture heavy posts and I won't place myself in a dilema again because I haven't posted about the things which recently might go on but about things which happened more than 1 month ago, just because I haven't had enough time to post about them back then but don't want this things to be gone by the board....

The long and the short of it - here is May's haul!
I think I went shopping with my mom about 2 or three times this month because my brother was in need of new stuff and she paid mine as well even though I'm now used to pay my clothes and stuff with my own money... I was really, really happy that she did it and thinking back I almost feel kinda guilty because she spend so much money on clothes for me this month...
I mean... it was short before my prom night and I needed shoes and a dress and stuff... but...
I feel bad if people spend so much money on me.
No photo of my prom night dress and another we bought in the same shop though.
You will see it in the post about my graduation ceremony and the prom afterwards...

shopping outfit - i just really liked the photo.

one of the most amazing photos I've ever made *^*
bought this top at NEWYORKER

knee highs from H&M

beige flower pumps for my prom night.
(from Deichmann)

super cool leggins from NEWYORKER

jeans hot pants from H&M - kid's section ftw!

flower pattern sarouel pants - H&M kid's section

cross t-shirt - NEWYORKER

star t-shirt. from mister*lady(?)

cute dress from C&A (and the star-jump suite as well)
I ended up with less photos than I actually thought of.... hmm... anyway.
I hope the next post - gathered photos/stuff of May - won't take too much time or better: I won't need too much time to prepare it.... So that I can catch up with everything fast now!

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  1. Ich mag dieses Shirt von New Yorker mit dem Blitz *_* und die Leggins! Und das Kreuz-Shirt! Ach, einfach alles! >u< Steht dir bestimmt alles ziemlich gut :3

  2. New Yorker *__* I love it <33

  3. I love that your style is so diverse - almost anybody can take a cue from your taste in clothes so in a sense you're really relatable!

    I should probably save up so I can afford some new clothes as well >_> Broke as hell right now unfortunately D:

    Thanks for sharing!