6 August 2012

{life update} JULY: in the middle of summer ?


Finally I start with the entries of July.
I really, really hope that I'll be able some day to blog about what's actually happen this days. haha
I need to get rid of that delay-posting.
That's why I'll do this huge post about what happened in July and one special post about my trip to Duisburg/Düsseldorf.

8th till 10th of July - there's so much green in the city.
I went to my grandma and grandpa for that couple of days...
I helped in their garden and did some gardening and just enjoyed my time there.
They live in a more outlayering area of Berlin... much green again there and in Wannsee and Grunewald you even have big woods.
It's nice there... all the houses around their street look quite big and a bit exclusive...
The mansions of Grunewald and around are still a bit remote. haha
My grandparents live near the University I want to attend... that's quite cool. 
If I look through my photos it looks like the only thing I did there was... eating. lol.
My grandparents use to eat proper lunch... I'm actually not used to this. But it's always so nice and delicious.
Sometimes they even have to cook extras for me because of my picky taste and my allergy.
It's so nice they really do. Love for that, though I'm actually not the enthusiasic eater...

 But it's simply so delicious... 

 Surprise! I drew a bit on... Monday evening (9th) when I remember right. Not sure if it's visible and the photo quality of my frail IPhone is quite creepy.... But actually I was content with that result.

who needs four-leaved shamrock if you can have five-leaved!?

I really like this one - but I prefer the instagram version. eheh
 Because this was when I finally started using Instagram. You can find my gallery now on the sidebar. 
Do you use Instagram? How do you like it?

Instacollage - I love free apps.

12th of July - Sushi untill we burst !? or "We got freakin' nerdy! But I regret nothing !!"
On this Thursday Henny and me finally made it and met in early afternoon to go to my favorite Sushi bar in Berlin, Don Sushi, where we celebrated my birthday in April already.
I was so happy to see her and acutally we meet up way too rarely. 
I really enjoy having her around because it's always interesting and fun. We share so many interests that we can talk for hours without repeating anything.
It's funny how obsessed so many of my friends get now with Korean pop music where we aren't able to see us in school anymore where I felt like there is hardly anyone else with the same bias.
Now Henny and even Kathi fell for most of the Korean boy bands I'm listen to as well.
In the end we talked much about Super Junior's Kyuhyun and SHINee's Key. Amusing, amusing.
And we just realized how much we got into gaming and stuff like that again. At least I realized...
Though it sounds like I'm categorizing myself and I hate to be sort off in stereotypes I have to say that in fact... we are nerds.
I could start a big discussion about the fact that the typical nerd stereotype has changed and how nerds are today and how they developed... and maybe I will do some day... but not in this post. 
We went to Don Sushi and honestly - I never ate so much sushi before. But it was just tasty... Afterwards we strolled around the Alexander Platz in Berlin and I bought two new mangas - finally got Stupid Story 3 and found the first tome of Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories.

outfit will be in full view in a outfit post later.


 We went through Media Markt when one of the employees started the Wii for us so we played a kind of Monopoly with figures of Super Mario and Dragon Quest... quite funny mix. Of course we won. haha 

yumm. BBT with litchi.

18th of July - MADSTOP and cinema in Potsdam
I met up with Kathi because she still wanted to go to cinema with me. It was her birthday present. Quite late because we never made it to see DARK SHADOWS. I'll get this damn DVD and we'll do a movie night then! That's already promised! 
Anyway... we decided to watch Men in Black III instead. 
I wanted to watch The amazing Spiderman too but Kathi wasn't that keen about this. 
Maybe I'll go with Henny...
We met around 2pm because or movie should start at half past 2... but somehow....
The next movie was at 5pm and we had to wait forever.
I still don't know why the show at 14:30h didn't took place but anyway...
What would you do if you have about 2,5h to wait? 
We went through Potsdam because Kathi needed to ask in some computer shop about specific parts for her PC. I didn't paid too much attention to be honest but I realized that Potsdam means madstoP if you read it mirror-invert...
..... DON'T ASK!
Even a poster at this shop said: ''Here are the freaks''.
After that we went back to the mainstation where the cinema is and played on my NDS.
I must have had an ilumination to take it with me when I left the house... but even that got kinda boring and so we went into a toys store next to the cinema.
Actually we thought about scaring away the two kids who played with the Playmobile... but they ignored us completely... 
My last-ditch attempt: drawing in the playschool-section and the wooden train...
Somewhen the time was over and we could get into the cinema. Kathi bought coke and popcorn for us and then we sat there with our dorky 3D-glasses on. Unfortunately I didn't took a sexy photo of us. 
I liked the movie quite a lot. 
Men in Black always was great. I really liked all parts and though the third part now was not the funniest they ever made (of course there were scenes to laugh about!) it was the most emotional one...
It really gave K's and J's relationship another deepth and I was absolutely amazed by this cute alien and his endowment, who played a bigger role as well.
I don't want to blow too much because the movie really is worth being watched!

sneak of my outfit !!

white edition. - pokemon ftw. ♥

unicorn for Henny. I promised to post it for her. ♥

and last but not least: 
27th of July - Maybe(rather not) watching the new SUPERTALENT!?
It was a quite hot and sunny day when Lil, two other friends of her(and me) and me went to Berlin.
Lil got free tickets for one of the carstings for the German show Das Supertalent
It's with Dieter Bohlen, a bit like DSDS but in red and you don't need to sing and can attent no matter how old you are.
This year he's searching for the new SUPERTALENT together with Thomas Gottschalk (long time host of the German Wanna bet? "Wetten, dass...?") and Michelle Hunziker... we had free seats in the audience and could watch some of the people there. 
It was a disaster to wait there for almost 4h because our show started way too late because the show before lastet way too long. We were there at 15:40h and the door opened around half past 6 in the evening. 
Enough about that... don't want to get angry because of that éclat... 
There were a few talents... but I'm not allowed to tell anything till they broadcasted it... 
I just have to say that the actual talent won't be seen in the show at all - it's the motivator who always did small shows between the acts to entertain the audience. He was a really great joker and incredibly winsome.

shitty photo quality makes my face look dirty. QAQ

right from my instagram, again. ♥

So this was a super duper long post with sooo much photos... but I hope you still liked it.

Actually I spend the last days of July with my dear friend p*chan but we didn't do much and I have no photos to post about this... So sorry, dear. ;o;

The next post will be a music video challenge or my special post about the 20th - 23th of July where I went through Germany to get to Duisburg and my short time there. 

 now listening to: Eat you up by BoA 

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