18 August 2012

{fashion} July's outfit #1

I'll do some of the taggs I got soon. I promise! nyah

★ headband by NEWYORKER (Prague)
★ see.through t-shirt by Lady's Fashion
★ white tank top by H&M
★ necklace by H&M
★ sarouel pants by H&M

N/B: I got quite a tan this year. thanks to gardening, haha

 now listening to: To You by TEEN TOP 


  1. Das Outfit ist zwar schlicht, gefällt mir aber gut. ^-^ Am liebsten mag ich die Hose!

  2. Uha die Hosen sind vom H&M? D: Ist das schon lange her?
    Sieht super aus ♥

  3. Das sieht aber süß aus! >w<

  4. I must say... you look sexy! *-* sorry XD
    you were in Prague? yay! I was there for 3 week at my friend's house but now i'm again at home in my stupid village on the other side of czech rep. XD

  5. omo ich liebe die hose abgöttisch! ;Ä;