20 August 2012

{★} Liebster Blog Award by アリ ♥

As I promised... I will do all the tag games/blog award things I got during the last time and didn't managed to post them till now... starting with Ari and this Liebster Blog Award!

It's the third time being nominated for this and I'm really... excited and happy because of that.
Also because I never thought that some one like アリ (who I think is quite fabulous) would consider to nominate me....

Thanks a lot, アリ☆ぴんぴ娘 !!

We all know the game... so here we go with another 11 6 facts about yuku 
(because I did this way too often)...

★ I'm Shawol.
★ Sometimes I talk to myself - usually in English.
★ I'm obsessed with reblogging on tumblr. 
★ I'm gonna catch'em all - all 649 !
★ I'm quite self-aware.

アリ's questions and my answers:

1. Do you enjoy living where you are currently, or would you rather be somewhere else?
There are many places I want to go some day but I think living where I am now isn't the worst thing ever.
I don't know if I'll stay in Germany - sometimes I doubt because I really want to see the world but thinking about it proberly there are many good things about Germany... especially when it comes to human rights and stuff like that. The benefits systems seem to lack from time to time but there are other countries in the world having much worse conditions...

2. What made you start a blog here?

Dunno exactly anymore. But it is fun and that's why I keep going. :)

3. Is the glass half full, or half empty?

Half full of course!

4. What Disney Princess (or Prince) is most like you?

That's a tough one. I'd say... Rapunzel, Tiana or Jasmine... 

5. What is your least favourite food, and why?

Brussel sprout. Because my kindergard teachers forced me to eat it though I didn't wanted.

6. What does your daily routine consist of?

Lately (because I don't have school or anything till October) ... get out of bed, shower, breakfast, computering, walk with the dog, computering, dinner, walk with the dog, computering/gaming, going to bed.
Sometimes I tidy up or help my mom but.... yeah. x)

7. As a child, what did you want to be at the age you are currently?

I think I didn't thought about the age in the first place when I was a child... 

8. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?

Tokyo, Japan 

9. Tea or Coffee!?

Tea with milk, mjam.

10. Your favourite subject at School?

Art and English. 

11. If you could come back to life as an Animal, what would you want to be?

A cat or a penguin. Would be pretty cool to walk like that... 

I did this so often already that I won't nominate 11 and I just will link to the questions I already made up.
So you can chose on your own...

Nominated are...

 now listening to: Cherry Boy & Girl by CalledPlan 


  1. Congrats!! I've been nominated as well but I don't like making up questions >w<;

  2. It was really nice to read your answers - you seem really nice person ~ ! :---D

  3. Yuku! I hope you'll remember I've tagged you sometimes ago as well hahah. Nice answers ^^ ♥

  4. Du wurdest von mir zu einem Award verliehen♥ ^__^