1 September 2012

{life update} AUGUST : gathered stuff [2/2]

Here we go with part 2. 
Think I should get ready with those stuff here now... maybe I'll make it and post some more specific stuff soon then... Who knows...?

Some weeks ago I decided to take a shot of my more or less usual content in my bag, I carry with me...
It's not very detailed - rather rough but I wanted to share it with you anyway... quite egoistic, hun?

Then my best friend Däniz and I met again after we haven't seen us for quite a long time. We went to cinema and watched Disney-Pixar's Brave (in Germany it's called: Merida - Legends of the highlands).
It was such a cute and beautiful movie. I really like to watch animated movies. I keep saying it's to keep my inner child alive - because I really, really enjoy such stories. 
Merida is full with funny and egocentric characters, and gosh I love the setting and her gorgeous hair.
A French friend told me that they spend almost 2 years to program her hair. It's amazing.

My favorite characters are - of course Merida, her siblings Harris, Hubert and Hamish and her father, king Fergus. The young Mecintosh was quite hilarious as well... because of his fangirls and everything.
I would have loved to learn more about Mor'du or if Merida would have been able to interact with him as well... but anyway.
I almost cried in the end but Däniz and I were - luckily - right: Disney without happy end wouldn't be Disney. 
I hope I didn't discolsed too much and you'll still watch the movie. It's totally worth it.
The music is really great too btw.

herpderp photo of us. ♥
August ended with...

... a big festival in my former location - I live in the nearby town now.
It was the 100th anniversary and so they literally celebrated a whole week end.
On Friday evening a good friend and his fire-breather crew did a performance there and I spend the evening with some friends from there, drinking a bit and having a good time.
It was the only evening I went there - because I spend the rest of the week end in bed, temperature as my companion. Here a few photos of their show.
It wasn't too long but I think it was pretty cool. Never saw someone skipping with a burning skipping rope before... you can check out his facebook page to book him or see other photos of Burning Angels (they are German).

lousy IPhone quality.

watch those two in close-up!
they are made by a good photographer! ⇅

 ... and the birhtday of my grandpa, when I spend a nice afternoon at my grandma's place, with lots of talks and cake.

outfit of that day.
I just had to realize, that actually there was much going on in August.... and I felt like I did nothing most of the time anyway... haha
Time is a strange thing, isn't it?

Tomorrow I'll go to a movie again, together with my beloved p*chan!
I'm so happy we'll meet again since I didn't saw her again after her summer vacation ended...that's quite long when you used to see the person every day back in your school days... phiu.

 now listening to: Fly with the wind (Flieg mit dem Wind) by Toyco
(Digimon Tamers OST)


  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm sorry but I am so late to write a comment back...But i hope you like my comment! If you want please check out my new post! Its about my boyfriends visit in Germany!♥
    There are also more news :) I would be happy if you check it out ! THANKS

    thanks thanks haha next vidro i will make will be better ,,,hopefully :D
    yeah well germany couldt win but it was fun! i just watch the european and world championship :D thats enough haha

    oh! reallly?! and? will you go to japan this year? :)
    i hope so!

    aach und das mit den lenses XD ich hab immer noch keine...ich habe mir jetzt überlegt in japan welche zu kaufen aber dann habe ich ja immer noch keine ahnung wegen den werten...naja mal sehen :) vllt kaufe ich die doch besser aus dem i-net :) und dann bei maplelenses haha danke dir ^^


  2. Oh, thank you so much, sweetie! <3 It's not too hard to do, as long as you've got photoshop and know how to add borders and text effects, haha! I might make a tutorial on it soon. But I've got a lot planned right now that I have to do before starting something else.