2 December 2012

{event} 「TADAIMA o(≧▽≦)o OKAERI o(≧▽≦)o」LIVE CAFE TOUR 2012

It has already been more than a week but on November 20th I finally saw AN CAFE again, after they had their comeback in April this year and announced their 3rd WORLD TOUR soon afterwards I was ready to do everything to get me a ticket for their show in Berlin as soon as possible. 
It came out to be their final show in Europe as well which actually just made it even more special!
The end of the story: I had my ticket already in May...? And almost cried of happiness when Neotokyo came back with their expensive VIP upgrade issue. I really was able to get an upgrade as well and so I actually couldn't sleep the days after I bought this because I already was so excited to meet them.

AN CAFE is the band who intodruced me to J-ROCK and Visual Kei and so there are no words to express my innest feelings for them. It's not exactly affection but some kind of deep connection. I'm so grateful towards them... it's unbelievable! 
So to really meet them and thank them personally was one of the most precious things I could imagine!


It was an ordinary Tuesday so I had to go to university; Japanese Literature and Japanese History from 10h till 14h.
Afterwards I went to my grandparents because I stayed at their place. I wouldn't have enough time to drive all the way back home and back to Berlin to get to the venue in time...
I got some lunch there and then got ready for the show.

 My outfit... Why do I look a bit like YOHIO in the right one? 

When I arrived at the venue - it wasn't ASTRA but the Lido club in Berlin - around 17h I need a short time to orientate myself before I already met super nice people with which I stood in the VIP line then. Two really nice girls I could talk to. And I felt really good because one of them was Swedish and I could speak English. I so love to speak English, haha.
Then something super great happened! Another girl I already saw at the regular ticket line (they stood on the opposite side of the gate) came to me and asked me if I'm Yuku.
It was Rain Delay's munatati! I sorta freaked out in the inner! 
First: because I was so happy that someone recognized me from my blog and second because I'm a follower of her and ... asdfghjkl. I dunno.
It almost was like meeting a big idol. I was so happy. It turend out we both acted quite shy and proved our socially awkwardness the best by hugging weirdly but it was sooo great! 
I really hope we'll meet again somewhat soon!

Then around 18h we finally got into the venue. We got a fashionable yellow tie with our VIP passes on and a small gift bag which didn't looked that utterly amazing. And a cute one way cup for tea of course!
After all it was called a 'tea party' with AN CAFE. 
This was when I met kuchen as well. I actually met her at LM.Cs live already but she was so busy back then that she couldn't remember me at all. 
Soon after we fought the hot water dispenser and everyone got their tea AN CAFE arrived.
I sat almost in the first row and - wow - they were much smaller than I originally thought they were.
All around my height, ohoh. 
Kanon entered the room at first and as soon as he spotted his seat he literally run to sit down there. Strange enough, he almost disappeared in the big armchair while all other members looked at him skeptic because everyone else was still standing to introduce themselves properly... Of course they made Kanon stand up again and bow as well but this was one of a few actions our dear bassist did which let me realize how much I could identify with him. 

We were able to ask some questions. I'll tell some of them (the ones I remember) here.
The first question (asked by me) almost knocked them out. At least I felt a little sorry because after they got my "What did you missed the most during your hiatus?" translated it was suddenly quiet among them.
Kanon looked around and started to play with his hands and you could see that they weren't prepared for a deep question like that. Oh boy...
Finally miku answered: "Our fans and to work with the STAFF members."
I was OK with his answer though I aimed at something... more private and less general.

other questions were:
 Which places did you visit here, in Berlin?
 (Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate & they went to a Christmas Market around the Potsdam Square and did some snowtubing - seriously, I wish I would have been able to see this!)
 Please do the 夏恋★夏GAME dance.
(They forced yuuki to dance. He even had to sing a capella for himself...)
And last but not least, we dumbed down successfully!
 What color has your underwear?
Oh, I know you want to know the answer... miku started grinning widely, yuuki and teruki started laughing while takuya and kanon checked in front of everyone by lifting up their trousers in their sitting position to take a small peek.
kanon: "ブルー (blue)
teruki: "ブラック (black)
miku: "no パンツ (no pants)" - everyone freaked out a bit -
takuya: "グレー (grey)
yuuki: "ブラック (black)".
Of course they had to bully yuuki a bit again so teruki stood up announcing 
"ゆうきのパンツはピンクです。(yuuki's pants are pink)"
and miku topped this off explaining yuukis pants were yellow in the front and brown on the backside... 
Actually I thought they got a little mature during their absence... but I doubt it now. 

Then we had to build a line to get our lovely polaroid photos taken with them. I was one of the last ones and I didn't knew who to chose the whole damn time. Every fan had to chose a member to stand next to them in the photo while the rest of the band made the back row.
Actually I don't wanted nor knew how to decide. I like them all equally.
I felt like chosing miku because he was one of my biggest inspirations ever... but he was so cheeky this evening and actually I kinda felt closer to kanon with his attitude. He was kinda... puzzled or distracted sometimes and it was really adorable. Then there is yuuki who I just think deserves more attention than he got till now, teruki, who's literally the coolest guy I've ever seen and takuya, the lovely baby of the family who worked so hard the past years and was one of my big biases plenty of time as well...
We were able to give them presents and stuff like that then too. I just had a letter and I doubt that it was good but everything I wanted to do is to thank them for everything they've ever done.
In the end I choose takuya because he was standing next to me already. He was kinda shy - as always but I really had the feeling he was comfortable with me and this made me even happier. 

I got some merchandise afterwards and brought my stuff to the cloakroom before I got into the actuall hall.
It was really kinda fancy. I liked it a lot. It was smaller than for example the Columbia Club and quite empty because we were still just about 40 VIP fans.
I got into the second-third row between kanon and miku. This was when I met other nice people with which I partied the whole show long then. The credits for the pictures of the concert go to them as well. Thank you again!

 a short concert review:

 I was too small for the second row and had quite bad sight from time to time.
 Some fans were really unaware. It was sad that we weren't able to dance along because they just didn't move at all and were total thiefs of joy. Also that many didn't know how to answer or react to the things said. The goddamn answer to "TADAIMA" is "OKAERI". For the love of chicken! 
 the band ofc. they were awesome! 
 the acustic was brilliant for second row. I didn't heard so much in C-Club the last time... but in Lido it was great & AN CAFE made a brilliant show!
 they played a huge load of old songs and I was super surprised how many songs I still could sing along!
Another super big  to "DAKKU no MAJIKARU ADOBENCHAA", they did a version of it where the fans had to vote the oldest, sexiest, ... of the band. It was really fun and I loved to hear miku with his Donald Duck voice.
 calm fans! when they played slow songs like "Self Instruction Manual" the audience was calm. I'm so thankful to you! Because I hate it when they are still freakin' out while miku almost looks like he's going to cry... 

 (5) vs.  (2)
.... I think it's quite obvious. 

I was at my grand parents place around half past 11pm and went to bed fast. I was tired as f*ck, I felt like my ears were numb and my whole body - especially my neck hurted. But I was one of the happiest persons on earth when I fell asleep. It took me really long to realize that I really, really met AN CAFE by myself. Actually I don't think I actually realized it yet. eh-hehe...

Before I end this post with photos of my merchandise, I want to give you a view of how I experienced the members myself and what impression they made (to me).

Damn! He looks much maler than in photos. He has a craggy features and is really sexy.
I mean - really, really sexy. I didn't think before he would be the type of guy to undress on stage... but he did. Several times. He was flirty, kinda cheeky and liked to troll his fans.
I like persons like that because it's never boring with them but I was kinda surprised to see this in him anyway. Sometimes it appeard that he pulled off this sexy-thing-thingy too much... I stood in the crowd with a grin shaking my head about him then.
He got mature, really. And at first it frightened me a bit because you might get worried about him growing out of Nyappy. What I hope he won't. I hope the'll success to transform nyappy either than losing it.

He was... funny and I always wanted to cuddle him.
I never had this image of him before. I always thought he'd be the calm, cool, sexy guy but actually he's more like me. Distracted, a little clumsy and easily amused/fascinated. I loved to see him how he treated his fans and how his attitude changed completely on stage. He became convident and sexy and still he was always concentrated on his play. I really admired this.

My lovely little chap.
He was really calm and kinda shy. I'm sure he has a lovely personality though he was really timide.
Anyways he developed more selfconfidence the past years and I was really glad to see this.
He is comfortable with everyone in the band and when he's on stage he is able to show how talented he is.

yuuki is... funny. he's just super funny and sometimes I think he's actually the only real, mature one among them. He gets bullied by his mates a lot but he always grins or laughs about himself then and in my opinion this needs much strength and patience. He is a great entertainer, I totally like his voice and I appreciated his fashion highlights (bunnies on his pants, etc) as well as his awkwardly cute relationship to miku.
They always treated each other and he started calling him "mikusuke" when miku went too far or got too hyper. Especially on stage I often had the feeling that yuuki lets miku remember his inner child.

He's literally the coolest person ever.
He's a charisma king! He was cool, he was smooth, he was friendly and had fun.
I really, really liked his look and I'm a huge fan of his voice though it might be annoying for some people. It's great, haha.
Seeing him playing drums or interacting with fans makes me just fall in love with his open and caring, charming personality at least a hundert times anew. He truly loves his fans and the music. 

 VIP - signed poster

 VIP - We got a ... spoon! 
But it's a golden spoon from their last show in Budokan before they went on hiatus and I can't describe why but it almost moved me to tears when I saw the engravings. 
It's really cute as well. 

 VIP - Pass - ofc. 

VIP - Nyappy Light! 
this is definitely one of the most epic things I've ever seen. I just love it.

A super cute tote bag. 
I love the hot pink letters and the print of their characters is super adorable.

And one of theri tour t-shirts of course. 
It's a man size S and it fits absolutely perfect!
they had many different t-shirt this time and it was super hard to decide. 
Actually I wanted to go for another one after the show but it was way too crowded there then... 

So this was it then. I'm sorry it took so long to do this and I hope you survived this super long and heavy post as well. I hope I'll do my updates much more... in time now! 
I'll finally do an review on their newest mini album AMAZING BLUE in the near future too and I got some lovely awards and tag games to do... 

Thanks for all your attention! 


  1. i love an cafe. i want to follow u but the blogger isn't working at the moment!


    1. Oh Thanks! I'm glad that it worked then :]

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww dein Foto mit Takuya is echt süß geworden <333

  3. Uuuh du warst VIP? :D Glückwunsch! Ich glaub ich hätte auch Takuya genommen, obwohl ich ja sonst immer für Miku war ö.ö aber hab mich verändert und wie du vllt schon mitbekommen hast, bin ich eh nicht mehr so für AnCafe xD Bzw allgemein VK, aber hey die Musik ist immer noch klasse :D Und freut mich dass es dir gefallen hat! Hoffe dass wir uns evtl auch mal treffen können >_< nng!

    1. Es war echt schön und ich denke du hättest auch nochmal etwas in Nostalgie schweben können ;)

      Oh ja! Das wäre echt super cool :D

  4. I'M SO ENVIOUS OF YOU. I love this fan account. I haven't followed An Cafe in such a long time *_* Looks like the crowd was a bit too enthusiastic, but hey, at least you got to have a picture with them and actually meet them. YOU'RE SO LUCKY!

    Thanks for sharing~


    1. Thanks! I'm glad that you like it :]

      I mean the show was really fun... and actually you can assume on your own that ther isn't so much place to dance in second row because everyone there wants to be in the front... x]
      But I think it would have been even better if it was possible ~

  5. Yay! An Cafe were my first little band that introduced me to J-Rock!
    It seems like you really enjoyed the live too. (*^ ^*) I loved it.
    I also have the spoon from Budokan, but from the actual live. I felt a little disappointed that everyone who went VIP also got the spoon - mainly because it was a cheap move by the band haha. But it's an incredibly cute piece!

    1. It was just amazing, yes. (*^^*)

      Hmm... maybe you are right but in the end I was numbed by happiness anyway when I unpacked the VIP stuff. haha :]

  6. OH YOU DID THIS, YOU DID IT ~ ! 三( ゚∀゚)

    .. anyway .. i don't even know how to start this comment ..

    1. This update was just so amazing, because this was so long, you are told things accurately ..

    2. You were so pretty on that day ! I love your leggings ! *__*

    3. Owww ~ ! It was amazing to see you also ! I'm sure that we'll meet again, bcz .. rly, I want back to Berlin so .. watch out !

    4. No pants .. oh Miku u pervert ♥ Anyway .. it was little bit annoying that in Finlad, there was no that 'Q&A' but .. oh well ~

    5. That how you told about Teruki .. I agree. That man is just amazing. And his voice .. LOVELY ! ( ̄∀ ̄)

    6. .. ok all those guys, that whole gig .. perfect.

    But yea, it was so nice to read your opinion about that gig ~ ! :3

  7. D'aww. ;]
    1. I'm happy you liked it!!

    2. <3 thanks. I really loved your hair and your piercings too! haha.

    3. You really have to tell me when you'll be in Berlin again! Then we can meet up properly :D

    4. they didn't? how mean... /:
    Actually I already thought something like that would come... but I wasn't sure if from teruki or miku... (;

    5.&6. I just agree again. ( ̄∀ ̄)

  8. Goood, now I regret much more that i didn't go there T___T I my friend told me to go with them to Berlin T.T but untill I finally decided all vip tickets were sold out ;___; I see now how amazing it had to be, I really envy you but i'm also happy for you that you enjoy it ^^ I those merch stuff *-* I want it all, haha XD I hope to see them another time~

    1. oh, I'm almost sure they'll come back next year or as soon as possible in any way... :)
      Don't be sad! :D