1 May 2013

song of the month ✧ APRIL

It's late because I'm finally in university again this week after being home for two weeks because I was so freaking sick!
I can't remember like... two or three days because my fever was so high and all I did was literally rolling over my bed the whole day. I slept and slept and slept.... 
So usually I do my SOTM on the last day of the month... but I had lectures till 6pm yesterday and missed my train so I was home at 8:30pm because my next train was late and they have a bunch of construction zones on the line I take. HATE IT. 
Anyway.... I'm also planning to get a new layout for this blog soon since the precious Minyoung is changing her layout like... every month? It's not like I want to do it this often but she quite inspired me lately...
So thank her if you don't like the outcome later. 

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.


I didn't heard much of DIV before but this song and MV really pleased me.
I really like Chisa (vo.)'s voice and I love their style. (Oshare Kei still feels like home ♡)The refrain has something addictive and I like the simplicy of the MV. It appears really childish and colorful while the lyrics of the song are full of puns and actually a deep meaning, that I enjoyed quite much. I won't refer too much to that, since I'm not too fluent in Japanese and it took me long enough to actually find the lyrics to have a look on them... 

The first debut in this post. Not the last to be quite honest...
When I first saw their teaser I wasn't that impressed but I have to say that I came to like their first single now quite much. Since they are themselves quite TVXQ(5) inspired, I don't wonder anymore how they have a quite alike feeling in their performance and song. They have a mature style which isn't that typical for debuting bands nowadays - how I feel - but it's quite fashionable and suits them alot. Also I'm Still Yours / I Still Love You impresses with great vocals and a dark but impressive atmosphere in the MV.
All in all a really nice debut. 

I always was a fan of SID for their jazz-kinda sound.
And because they make awesome music ofc. They didn't disappoint me this time and I have to say that I enjoyed Koi ni ochite at least as much as I enjoyed all their other songs before.
I love the vibe of the song and the classy MV... and I have to admit that I still have a quite unhealthy obsession with their handsome bassist Aki... image

It's so artsy and beautiful. I really, really love it.
The scorpion gives me the creeps but that's really all I can complain about...
vistlip varies in their style of music a bit but I have to say, I quite appreciate when they try something new.
For example I just love the vocal parts of Umi (gu.) in here.
... and they ALL look so incredible beautiful. man.

Let's continue with another artsy rock ballad.
It's really beautiful and I just can't take my hands off CN Blue for some time now.
They just impress me ever and ever again... Usually I'm a bit sceptic with Japanese singles of Korean artists (there are a few exceptions ofc.) but this really is wonderful. 
There is basically nothing I don't like about that song or the MV.
Actually I absolutely love it because it's so cute and lovely and heart-warming and they still succeed in being a bit dorky in their own MV.... the message of the whole thing is really nice too. I love the rap parts. Kinda.
Nonetheless I have to admit that I was more impressed by their last single WOW.
Maybe because the song appeared more dancable... who knows. 
I have a confession to make: I lately have a really, really soft spot for K.Will.
He's so charming and so is his music. I really liked the change of actually seeing him in his own MV... though he... was killed by Myungsoo. The song catches the spririt of spring, eventhough the weather is still quite vary here in Germany. I like the feeling and the vibe in the song and the humorous parts in the MV.
It all makes it quite fresh and nice. It's really romantic too and I honestly ask myself what has happened to me, that I suddenly like such stuff... eheheh. 

The second debut this time. And hey!It's a girl band. and that's... quite a miracle. Because... let's face it: I HATE girl bands.Well... hate isn't even the right word for it. I just... don't like them. I can't identify with them and that makes it quite uncomfortable for me to watch them dance or hear them sing... it's awkward for me. Sorry.There are just 3... well 4 girl bands I like...
2NE1, f(x), MISSTER(a Chinese tomboy band)... and GI now.
Because they have great rappers and a really, really promising awesome concept!
It's proof enough I was really, really impressed by them, that they sneaked up to 3rd place, eh?
The MV/song starts with "Let me show you the C-Clown SWAG!"
and I was like "WTF!?" but then they just blew me away.
I really, really like the sing and rap parts. The change between them is just awesome here.
Usually it's a bit clumsy in songs but it's just perfect here.
The MV is really nice too though I was more impressed by the song itself. Those background rhythms are catchy and make the song really smooth... and yeah.
It's just really, really great. 

I'm peeved that SM is too impatient to postpone SHINee's comeback, till Jonghyun has recovered completely, as much as every other one. So don't ask about that...
BUT the 4 of them just did an amazing job! Their new song and also their new album "Chapter 02. 'Why So Serious - The Misconceptions of Me'" is awesome (and of course the songs on the album are WITH Jonghyun).
I personally was most impressed with their fashion. Because... fashion is just my thing and
 I have to admit, that SHINee gave me a hard time when Dream Girl came out. This time however, I just love every cm I see.
And, sidenote: Taemin did a great job, undertaking the lines of missing Jonghyun.
I'm so proud of you, kiddo. 

So... that's that for now.
I wanted to write about my Birthday too.
Maybe I'll do it today too... but it's more likely that it's happening at the week end because I'm looking forward to recieve still late presents... hoho 
I hope you have a nice rest May Day.


  1. Love love love this list! Your blog is one of the top blogs I go to when I want to get my K/J-music fill hahaha. Thanks for sharing Yuku!

    Also, stay healthy D:

    I've been wanting to change my layout for a while as well :P I hope I have time to do it after my summer class ends! :P Thanks for inspiring me haha


    1. Whaa! I'm so happy my blog is so helpful for you. ♥
      I always doubt that this is any good or people even like it...

      I hope I will, now! Was ill already two times in shorter time.. that's unusual for me. D:

      You are welcome, haha. :D

  2. Das ist eine tolle Zusammenstellung!!
    Und dein Blog ist wirklich Zucker (und deine Bilder erst *_*)


  3. Ahh the way you've done your pictures is so cool!
    ...I can't decide whether I like Pure or not.... But hey! K.Will is so great! :D

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much! (‘∀’●)♡
      I hope I'll soon find the time to do the Award-post then.
      I'm happy you liked my arrangements and the photos.