11 May 2013

"Should have treated you better" by U-Beat review

So... I wanted to do this review/post since I did my Song Of The Month post but I was so horribly busy with university, I just got no chance to do so.
Finally, after working the whole week end for that strange Social Studies homework I had to do, I have time to do it, before I'll drown in Japanese vocabulary. image

To start with that: I was sad that the song came out so late, I couldn't make it part in the Song Of The Month since I already finished the preparations before...
So I decided to make an extra post since I really believe it is worth it!

I don't think I need to explain that but... uBEAT is the first sub-unit of U-KISS.
They debuted with this song and will release a mini-album sooner or later too.
Unlike one might think first, uBEAT consists of AJ and Eli, while Kevin was just featuring them.
To be honest, I might be a bit biased with that group/constelation since Kevin and Eli are my fave U-KISS members and AJ is just really likeable too. image

impression of the song
The song itself has a quite 'chill' sound?
Kevin's voice suits the vocals quite well and it all makes a rather positive image. I really like that you instantly get a catchy tune since it's really catchy. (captain obvious!)
The lyrics itself on the other hand aren't that positive since the story of it actually describes that Eli lost his love, she's dead.
But considering me not being such a super big fan of drama-ish ballads, I appreciate that quite alot.

impression of the MV
I love that scene with the water. Like. Really.
I can't even describe why... hm.
Besides, I'm content with the appearance of the girl... which I wasn't in U-KISS' last MV for example.
This time however it all seemed quite 'round' and fitting.
And the scenes make sense in their constelation, when we mind the plot and the fact that she's gone.

Just a great point (for me) in every K-POP MV and generally.
Am I superficial? image
I like Kevin's hair and outfit with that trench coat... I just don't like the white suit that much, he was wearing in some shots (also AJ wasn't wearing my fave outfit there).... all in all I'm just fond of his cute face and have you seen that safety pin pierce!? Awesome.
I like Elis hair, since he's a guy known to go through some... phases with his hair sometimes.
It's charming his eyebrow piercing, that I tend to miss sometimes and though I'm quite a fan of it I'm always surprised when I see it again. haha (I'm so lame)
I like the casual look they all share.
Especially the hat/cardigan/pick-necklace combi of AJ.
He looks great in that and I think his hair makes his face appear more charismatic.
Summarizing a big YES for their stylists and fashion.

Conclusive a factor that lead me considering that review and actually getting a better knowledge about the backgrounds of it (a bit at least) is, that uBEAT had an interview with Simon and Martina from EYK.
Since they all speak English fluently, it's just so much more fun to listen to them and they appear more natural and closer than any other KPOP-idol I can imagine.
Get an impression of it here: 

You should consider watching the bloopers as well. Eli even tweeted about them since they were hilarious.
I thought Kevin would fall off the couch because he started laughing so hard at some parts.

As usual, that's just my opinion and it's more of an appreciation/reaction than a real review (one could say),
since there isn't much critic. But - seriously - why should I criticise something I like? 

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