20 May 2013

blog news ♡

So basically I tried to create a kinda schedule for my blog the past few days... and didn't exactly was successful till now.

Actually this is just a post to state that I'm working on my new layout recently and try to figure out which other changes I'll have on my blog...

And this is a point where I actually would like to involve you.
Is there anything you especially like about my blog and want to see more often?
Is there something you don't like? Is there something you'd like to see?
Something new?
I'll definitely start to do more reviews (on games, TV shows, music, make-up etc.) once I have a schedule that works for me and my demands when it comes to my performance at university.
But if there are any wishes or ideas - this is your chance to share them with me!

So please leave a comment or write an e-mail at yuku.post[at]gmx.de.
image The sad side-effect. There won't be any further posts until I'm done with that. Sorry 
+ I don't know how much time I'll find to work on the layout next week end.

Of course you can write your ideas in my askbox at tumblr as well.


  1. More pictures of you, because you're cute ;__; <3 and more daily life!

    1. Oh my... thank you. ♥
      I already thought about daily life... also because regarding the comments I get, this is what most people react to most enthusiastically. So I think I'll try to include more.
      Thanks for your comment ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

  2. I'm a new follower so I don't know if I'm a good person to answer this! But I'm going to try...

    I think you should post more outfit pictures! I really like to see more of your style. ^^


    1. Thank you. :D
      I'm happy I can welcome you as a new follower and hope you'll have a good time and like my posts!
      I'm sure there will be more outfit pictures in the future. :)