2 July 2013

song of the month ✧ JUNE

I'm late again because I studied the whole week end... and sorry to say - but I'm still not done. Give me two more weeks, 14h sleep and I'll be back, creative and ready to upload issues I'm dying to upload for a while now!
[also I'll finally be able to work on my fanfictions again]

But here we go with the actual topic of the day!

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.


The chorus is just super catchy and I like the switches between b/w and colorful shots.
The scene with the black light and the colors - just awesome.
... but I somehow can't get the right feeling for that song. I don't get the vibe... you feel me? 
A pity. Really. 

Gosh. This song got me in the first few seconds.
I love the slow beginning and they have really beautiful voices. 
For me this song has a kinda... classic feeling. It's dancy but still really... emotional.
I also really, really like that da-ice aren't the typical boyband since I don't think their members all look alike and have this bishounen image. It makes it really interesting and them more unique in my eyes.
Ah! And of course I love the water-shots. 

I was happy to see another new single! 
I appreciate that it still has this specific An-Cafe-feeling, 
though it's honestly not one of my favorites of them. I'm a sucker for their fashion though... seriously.
And the soft colors in the shots are really, really beautiful. 

I was kinda looking forward to their debut... and it's just... I don't know how to put it.
They are like the cutest badass gangsters I know, a really cute group 
[yep. this is probably the least favorite thing they hear about themselves, but I don't care]
I like the song because of its background and lyrics.
And come on, these kids have awesome rapskills! 
I have a soft spot for such settings - somehow. The choreography has some really genius points too.
Come on guys, wall walk on your band mates? That's awesome. 

I'm biased here, I know. But anyway:
I love the song. It's perfect. Really. 
Usually I don't like slow songs and I have to admit, that I prefer the rough B.A.P image. 
But this... this is just so beautiful. I can't deal with it and the feels I get. OK?
I appreciate that they try out new things and I won't ever say that this doesn't suit them or is bad, because that would be a complete lie.
The setting is just beautiful and the piano sounds in the background make it so super soft. 
And - hold me - those outfits [except for Youngjae's granny hat]. They are a-ma-zing!
.... another thing that blows my mind every single time I listen to the song: 
Jongup, Zelo and - !!!- Himchan singing. I love it. 

thank god, and this tumblr user!
Great song, super catchy and an amazing video. I don't know. 
I hate orange... but the outfits [one of my few worries when it comes to SHINee] were OK, 
and some even really good.
The choreography is as amazing as ever - honestly... you spoil us, boys.
I was taken aback by the change in Onew's image. I love it. Sexy boy.
And for me, personally, Taemin finally 'arrived'  in his more mature image too.
PS: I absolutely love the last scene! 

Yeah, I'm a huge LEDA - hello.
I didn't like With Coffee so much but their new single Bad Boys is another story!
It's so fun and fresh. Simply really cool and so super smooth. I really want to jump off my chair and start to dance - and that's almost a miracle, considering that I absolutely CAN'T dance.
... I rarely saw guys looking that good in colorful pants and shirts. 

I love this song. Seriously.
It's really catchy how the piano play runs through the whole song like a thread.
It's just so henry. Another thing: I'm a fan of his voice. It's really clear and high and... just really bright.
I like that. I was a Henry-fan from the very beginning and... yeah.
It's good to see him now. Anyway - though, I'm not sure if it was necessary I also like Taemin's and Kyuhyun's appearance in the song. Especially Taemin's and Henry's voices play together really nicely.
Cute maknae-line you have there too. 

This is... hilariously awesome!
It's colorful, it's fun, it's goofy. I love those kind of songs. 
They are perfect for summer or when you have a bad day. Who can stay calm watching those two [lovebirds] dancing and rapping and just enjoying themselves? 
I really couldn't hold back my laughter a couple of times through this MV.
The song is super catchy and... also the choreography speaks for them. image

Watch this MV on your own risk. It's not completely g-rated. I warned you - officially.
This MV is hot. And I mean hot like in truly, incredibly sexy.
And the astonnishing thing is, that it's not sexy like in vulgar, where you feel embarrassed and uneasy watching it. But... beautiful sexy.
This MV is like art to me. Damn sexy art. But still freaking ART!
Yes, he sings English, brilliant English. Yes, he sings about sex. Yes.
But the similies in the MV imply the deep love and passion towards his guitar, 
towards the music instrument, 
that gave him so much through his whole life and his skills, whom he is known for.
This MV resembles more than just lust and erotic for me
.... maybe it's just me. But I was deeply impressed by Secret.
Plus: The song is damn catchy. Seriously. 


I swear, I had such a hard time... it was all fun and games till place 8 or 7... and then it got really, really personal and desperate. Usually you should be happy if a month is filled with awesome songs... but this was the death for me this morning, really.

Which was your highlight this month?
Tell me in a comment below! image

PS: My oral exam is Weadnesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, 
I'm so super nerveous! image


  1. totally agree with the no. 1!!! damn hot!

  2. Eee, I totally love Smoky girl! That song is SO catchy. o__o <3

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    1. It's not like I don't like Smoky Girl... I have the chorus stuck in my head in the morning - usually. [strange, I know]
      But I just couldn't... really... like get hyper for the song... and I feel like I - personally - just can't really get the right feeling for it. :)

      I usually don't like Follow-for-follow-actions but your blog seems nice and really interesting so I guess I'll check it out and make an exception this time. :]

  3. You do your posts so nicely!
    My favorite release of June has got to be Trap~ probably ;3

    1. Aww. Thank you!
      & Yeah. Trap was pretty great! :D