19 July 2013

Details ♡ May & June

As you all have noticed - due to missing updates - the past months were quite... stuffed.
I had to prepare for my exams and do much other work for university...
The only times when I allowed myself a bit free time was the CSD in Berlin and the small meeting with old friends from elementary school which I mentioned in my last outfit post.
Anyway, I found some moments worth to be kept. Preferably when I was outside with my dog and had a few minutes time to appreciate the flowers in our garden... or be surprised by a double rainbow.
There are a bunch of shots from university or my notes for upcoming fanfictions too. When I took care for my little siblings we drew together and it was the first time for a year that I tried something with water colors..
All in all this post now is about exactly those little details. image

 killing time in the train and social studies 
(obviously i was paying more attention to my LINE messanger)

 oh yeah! almost forgot, that we had a special Japanese class where we were filmed by NHK 
and I met the lovely May-J! I have an autograph in my planner now. hoho

The last days before my exams my desk looked just like that. 
my little sister wanted me to show her a music video, but then she went upstairs again.
I paused because I thought she would return...
Guess who stalked me during my whole vocabulary learning process... 


  1. Oh really cute pics sweetie!

  2. woah...du kannst echt super mit wasserfarben umgehen :0 *neid*
    so ein bild mit den vögelchen versteckt in all dem wirrwarr von büschen und bäumen hab ich mal auf ner aussstellung gesehen...aber auch wenn es mich daran erinnert, sind beide doch vollkommen anders umgesetzt! :0 das amg ich so an kunst. jeder macht es so, wie er es sich erdenkt ^^hehe
    der doppelte regenbogen ist auch sehr schön ;3

    1. haha. thanks :)
      wir haben das vor Jahren mal im Unterricht gemacht und ich dachte ich probier's mal wieder... ^^

  3. cute pictureee!!
    i think we have same interests ^^
    btw, would u mind follow each other?
    let me know ^^
    thank u dear ^^

    1. Actually I don't do followbacks but I'll check your blog out as soon as I have time to do it sincerly. :)

  4. Wow, wonderful flowers ♥ Everything is so colorful : 3

    The watercolor tree is pretty ^-^