9 October 2013

Like a dream, he's a cold machine ♪

After it took me forever to make any sense out of the photos left on my hard drive and the steady feeling of hesitation that built up inside of me, regarding the idea of making make-up and circle-lens reviews without a good camera {I'm still waiting for me and my dad to get me my super late birthday present}, I decided to give you another story though it's already been a couple of months since it happened.
In May I got my first EXO albums.*

* Let's not think about in what kind of madness I gave myself when I started to buy real albums instead of just getting my hands on MP3 versions of the songs.
I have to say that I feel much richer {not money-wise but in a figurative sense} and better the way it is now.
The KPOP industry seems to make so much more out of their business, than plain CD packages with a - more or less - exciting cover.
For me it's always like opening treasure boxes when I get a new album of my favorite KPOP musicians.

I bought them from the lovely Angi, who sold them second hand. This was THE big chance for me - back then a bloody beginner when it came to EXO - to finally get more into these guys, since I've been kinda enchanted and shyly interested in them after watching Kai and Lay on New Year's Eve 2012 {I know, I was really, really late to get to them}, when they performed with SM The Performance for one of the many 가요대전 (Gayo Daejun) shows I watched {in one of those shows also EXO had a MAMA performance}. Beside the point, I watched all of them: SBS, KBS and MBC's end-of-the-year-show. 

So it turned out, I got her package one day before SM finally announced EXO's comeback.
It was kind of ironically when I think back.
I got myself both of the albums, she had to offer since I never was a big fan of dividing the guys in EXO-K and EXO-M and sincerly chosing one part of the group over the other.
They are One after all. {and I like them as OT12 the best}
Of course I was excited about the photocards!
I got Kris and Chanyeol and was pretty happy with my rapper-line.
But that's not the end of the story...
When one of my most precious besties found out about this she virtually jumped right into my face and was pleading - on her knees. And I mean literally on. her. knees for me to swap my Chanyeol card with her.
Fair enough I thought, because I knew that he was her favorite member and well... Yeollie used to be like my second favorite {before my rating ability jumped off a cliff loudly singing along to some EXO or B.A.P song} after Lay but... but simply my second favorite and she even wrote a cute Baekyeol fanfiction for me in return.
This is, how I got Suho. {and gosh, he is so cute!}

A few days after that, it was time to meet new people because - unexpectedly - Sha knew a bunch of people in our uni who like KPOP as well. The nub of the matter: they were all hiding in the Korean Studies department. To cut a long story short; I met another friend of her {we got quite good friends, too. I guess} and this girl is just all crazy over Kris.
As the kind soul I am, I of course said "Yes" when she asked me to swap with her and honestly, I think I made a great deal because now I have Luhan and he was the first one that caught my eye in their History and MAMA MV. Yes. Not Kai but the L to the U to the HAN.

The resut: I have both MAMA albums now, EXO-K and EXO-M and Suho and Luhan as photocards.

After all this palaver some basic facts about the album itself
* release: 2012/04/09
 What Is Love
 Two Moons (ft. Key - SHINee)

First of all: please don't judge me for really taking more than a year to get my hands on these pieces. But it was worth it, I say.
Anyways, I really like the tracklist. Actually there is no song I don't like. But I have to say that What Is Love doesn't exactly count to the songs for me that I could listen to in all living conditions, while Two Moons and MACHINE kind of are those kinds of songs. Which leads to the point that is probably of greatest interest for you...
**{my} favorite song:
I sincerly love this song for everything it is.
The lyrics are really imaginative and beautiful and I constantly get ff ideas whenever I listen to it.
The sound really makes me feel like I enter some kind of robot-age, SciFi universe.
I can't even explain why I like this kind of 'sci-fi - romance' it has so much, but dang! I do.
Plus this song probably has the best and most wonderful English {acoustic} cover I've ever found in the depths of the Internet. Pure love and admiration for that! *클릭*

* * *
In conclusion I'd like to say that those two albums really made a big change in my life and actually EXO are part of that, too.
It's not only that I got part of a(nother) fandom that has to fight alot because somewhere are hiding tons of mean people that incite fanwars or spread private photos or rumours of their idols, who cut themselves for reasons I can't explain {I don't even want to try it}, who all together give EXOTICs and also EXO bad reputation in the KPOP community.
But I also made new friends, met so many awesome people and Yonghee and me, we got even closer than we already were because we share so many awesome insiders and ideas about those boys now.  。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

Somehow it feels weird, to get so emotional over two 'plain' CDs but this is how passionate people are working. We do weird stuff and get emotional over things, probably noone else will ever understand.
That's part of the game, where would be the fun in that without it? (haha) 

If you are still here, sitting somewhere reading this; Congratulations and thanks for spending so much of your time on this bulky, sobby text. I hope you don't regret it and if you do - it's too late now anyway so cheer up and stop sulking. ☆~(ゝ。∂)

If you liked my jabbering and want me to make something like that for other albums as well, leave me a comment.  (。・ω・。)ノ♡
You should leave a commet, too if you want me to change something about the way I present my KPOP gets because if you don't... I most certainly will just go on about my life and do it the way I like - unaware of the fact that you might had some serious advice to offer. (hehe)


  1. I have their Growl Repackaged album (Chinese version), and I just ordered their Mama Album online! >u<
    I love EXO! My ultimate bias right now is Lay. xD
    I seriously loved Machine as well! It's one of my favorite songs from their Mama album. The lyrics are just so beautiful - they really paint a vivid picture in your mind, without stripping it of the magical imagination of your own! >u<

    1. This is exactly how I feel about the song, too. *3*
      And Lay is my EXO bias as well, haha. ;D

  2. omg I feel awful for not knowing all of the songs on the list yet D: But this was a great post! Thanks for sharing and I like your blog! ^ ^

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    1. It's never too late to listen to them. (;
      And thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed spending your time here. :3

  3. Ah great post! So jealous of all your albums :) My bias is Sehun hahaha ^_^

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    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

    1. Naw, no need to be jelly, i'm sure you can get yourself these two nuggets somewhere, too. :D