7 December 2013

song of the month ✧ NOVEMBER

It has been a week since I wanted to do this post but I was super busy, super stressed and the past day I even caught some fever. {I believe it's from my lack of sleep - at some point it had to get unhealthy consequences}
But since it wouldn't make any difference to write a long apology letter to you now, I'll just get over it and go on with the usual business. {also because my head hurts again and I don't want to challenge the fever to break out again. no thank you.}
Oh. I changed the design of the pictures a bit... I don't know if I'll keep it till the end of the year or if there will follow other minor changes with the blog layout. 

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.

 Watch the MV!
Let's be honest. 
At first I watched the MV just because I was curious about it- 
not least because Minseok - EXO's Xiumin had a role in it. 
The song is really beautiful indeed and the story of the MV feels dramatic and sad. 
I liked the idea though and the dream atmosphere - filter-thing of the whole shot.
The only problem I constantly face with female KPOP artists is that I - often enough - find myself struggling to like the mostly highpitched and too often even acute voices. Jin counts to one of the few artists I bear to listen to because she after all has a really, really nice voice. But still it will never totally grow on me, I guess.
{when I searched for the link I used in the picture I found this
Honestly, I love this version at least a thousand times more}
 Watch the MV!
I think it is their debut and I think it's good that the song is that catchy, because it definitely wasn't my favorite debut this year. I find myself snickering whenever I listen to the song and I can't really explain why but in my eyes they are a cute group of teenage boys, trying to seem like big bad boys... they are only semi-successful. I like the song for it's catchiness and their hairstyles though. 
And this "A B C D E F G" is to die for. Really. 
I'm sorry I can't take you guys too serious, 
but you are cute and your song is fun to listen to after all.
I wasn't that impressed with TASTY's new single.
Really, I was a huge fan of MAMAMA and even a huger fan of  너 나 알아 (you know me)
but this song really didn't show that... 'special' thing TASTY usually have for me.
Like... I didn't like the rap part for example and I can't even say why.
I didn't like the MV too much either because it let's you down with a really uncomfortable, confused feeling in the end. Sorry, maybe next time.
 Watch the MV!
This wasn't my favorite MV this month either, 
but I felt strangely connected to it since they shot it in the city I was born. 
I was surprised by the jazzy vibe the song had and this made me like the song quite much,
 though I constantly cringed at their bad pronounciation and use of English.
I didn't bother trying to understand the plot and will just leave it open and to discuss.
It was kinda nice though. 'Guess I like the song the most for its unusual vibe. 
But it was great!
 Watch the MV!
It feels like this month wasn't really the month of "we'll blow your mind"-MVs but it is OK.
I'm afraid I focus too much of the music videos from time to time anyways so it's a nice change.
Ledapple's new single for example didn't had a real plot in their MV again but they drew nice pictures with it and though I didn't look up the lyrics I felt like it suited - almost metaphora-like - the lyrics.
I'm a big fan of Hanbyul's voice so I wasn't even that crossed with the fact that there were so many ballads to review this month, since these are - as you all prolly know already - not my favorite kinds of songs and With The Wind didn't feel so much like a ballad after all.
 Watch the MV!
By the love of sparkling unicorns! 
I freaking love this song and I think I never loved a rather slowish song of 2NE1 that much before.
The shots in the MV are just so artistic and it all seems so artsy and - ohhhh! - I love artsiness.
The song has its own, special pace and it's just so pleasant to the ear that I can't really put it in words.
Seriously, I just think this whole concept, the images, the song, the MV, how it sounds and how it melts together to that... masterpiece. 
It's so beautiful that I get all excited about it.
 Watch the MV!
First of all: I love his hairstyle in that MV. 
And I love the whole fans-in-MV-concept. 
It felt almost a little playful and I liked to see him like that alot. 
I also like the song alot.
It has something catchy and I think it came really naturally. 
Maybe I like it so much because of that....
 Watch the MV!
Yes, I guess everyone expected me to talk about Vodoo Doll when I chose VIXX 
but I decided against it. (/le gasp) 
Because I'm sick and whiny and the Voodoo Doll MV was more than creepy and made me feel really, really uncomfortable and it would have forced me to watch the MV more than one time. The song was good though. 
But let's talk about Only U what I think, was the way better choice anyway.
As I stated already a couple of times - I like the editing which almost looks like out of an instagram app.
This MV is no exception. I really love the beautiful scenery in Stockholm they used and it suits the whole atmosphere of the song perfectly. It reminds me of B.A.P's Coffee Shop, which I utterly loved as well.
It has almost the same feeling to it and 
I'm just amazed by some of the shots where it almost seems like an one take. 
 Watch the MV!
This is probably the point where you'll realize that I'm a little bit B.A.P biased. 
Though their Japanese songs are basically nothing more but Japanese versions of singles they already released they still manage to climb up into my top 3 constantly. 
Or maybe I'm not biased and their songs are just THAT good.
Both quite possible but the truth is a more or less healthy mix of the two.
One Shot is one of my favorite songs of B.A.P whatsoever and I was a bit sad that Japanese fans wouldn't get into the situation to enjoy the epic plot of the original MV. 
I couldn't help but quite liked the chain rustling and seemingly unreasonable waving around of their pistols. It was nice to watch. Yes, yes. I wasn't even crossed with the Japanese lyrics {or rather how they sound to an ear that is trained on hearing Korean words to that well known rhythm}.
 Watch the MV!
There is more to that song that I actually put in words. At least this is what I feel.
Takeru is basically one of my biggest idols. Like in the original sense of idol as a person you look up to. Someone who inspires you and emotional, intime stuff like that. I狂U is his first solo single {next to his activities as a model and with his band SuG} and I was literally blown away by it.
The song is upbeat and sexy and so are the shots for the MV. I love how also traditional Japanese instruments are included in it. Next: I love Takeru's style and his sense in fashion but this has actually nothing to do with the meaning of the song. It must seem chaotic and crazy to many of you but since I started studying Japanese not without a reason I actually sat down and translated this piece to prevent me from saying anything about the song without actually looking for 'sources' in the lyrics.
Indeed my feeling didn't fool me. 
I, for me, came to the conclusion that the song is about sex. Yes, and that it is - as seen in the MV - about 浮気者{uwakimono} which not only means flirt, but describes a person who cheats on their partner. But I feel like the song actually just shows the main character, as someone who's afraid to be alone and who's cheating on every girl he falls for in passion to escape the loneliness he fears so much and that he's actually just desperately searching for love.
I'm deeply impressed by the song, by the lyrics, by the meanings {it already starts with the variety of meanings when you work to translate it} and of course - let the fashion monster in me speak - with the whole get-up of the MV. Let's just take his silver hair. URGH


Whoops. That escalated quickly. 
I think I never got that deep in one of those posts here. But I'm not sorry, honestly.
Eitherway, I hope you cope with all the small mistakes that might accur... as I mentioned I'm actually sick and should be laying in bed. But I didn't want this post to be postponed even longer.
I hope you look forward to the last round in the end of December.

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