4 January 2014

song of the month ✧ 2013 special

Actually I don't know anymore if I had any other special idea behind it, when I decided to do a song of the year 2013 special.
I think I toyed with the idea of making another top 12 out of all the 'winners' this year.
But I decided against it. Because I'm lazy and because this kind of getup didn't seem to appeal to most of you anyway.

Thus the special now is nothing special in the whole sense of special.
Maybe you find yourself enjoying it anyway.
Here are the 13 songs of 2013 which were rewarded... if only with an edited crown.

Super Junior M - Break Down B.A.P - One Shot

 alice nine. - DAYBREAK SHINee - Why So Serious


 MIYAVI - secret BTS - bulletproof
 B.A.P - badman girugamesh - INCOMPLETE

 Block B - Very Good Takeru - uwakimono
 EXO - Miracles In December

Now you can click through all the pictures to listen to these songs once again.
All in all, I think 2013 was pretty much stuffed with great songs and though it was an awful lot of work I liked preparing the last 12 postings for that format.
Eitherway, I hope I'll be able to share current music and music videos in another way, soon.
I still don't know how and when and I doubt it will be as routinely as these postings were... but I'll probably still stick them under the same tag: {song of the month}.

In the meantime I'd be happy if you were able to excuse my lack of words regarding Christmas, New Year and other festivities that just recently happened, I'll try to get my hands on that soon.
I'm afraid my writer's block escalates.


  1. Witzig; ich höre INCOMPLETE jetzt gerade. Was für ein Zufall. xD Hab deinen alten Post und Kommentar dazu gelesen und kann dir echt nur zustimmen. Ich mochte es auch sofort und es ist mein Lieblingstrack vom ganzen Album. :3

    1. Oh ja... INCOMPLETE ist so eine Nummer für sich. (:
      Es freut mich, dass du dich ein bisschen wiedererkannt hast. (wenn man das so nennen kann) :D

  2. Lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥