14 February 2014

ハッピーバレンタインデー ♡ single awareness day

{yes, I developed a huge proclivity for Japanese characters on my blog. If I could - and my skills would allow it, I'd prolly write even more parts in Japanese}
There you go, guys. There you go.
It's been a long time but I don't want to spend the short while I have to write this, complaining about how effing busy I am.
Just letting you know that I'm still alive. {barely, but I am}
My exams are next Monday and afterwards I have to write my term paper so I'll be forced to stay teetotal from the Internet a little longer... which sucks.
I have so many things I actually wanted to post before I'll flood you with my impressions when I'm in Japan next month.

Eitherway. Happy Valentine's Day.
Actually there is nothing special about this day. I recieved chocolate in 1 of 19 years and it wasn't this year.... but at least I had a more or less legit excuse to scarf a whole milka chocolate bar in approximately 10minutes when I came back from university.

It feels kinda dumb for me to wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day because it would be really sad if you'd just be happy for one afternoon in February. I rather have you being happy and having a good time 365 days a year and not just one {which prolly isn't even your birthday and certainly not Christmas} on which you get burried under flowers which will die two days later anyway or end up with a massive stomachache because you ate too much chocolates.

No seriously. If you have a cute date with your special one, I hope you have the best and loveliest time... as long as you don't rub it into other's faces who might not be so lucky.
---- If you do, you're a massive dick.

With this in mind;


  1. Happy Valentine's day! I don't actually celebrate Valentine's day either, it's not that big celebration here. But in middle school it was kinda fun day because we had so much action in school. Decorations, hugging competition, candy messages, plays...

    I think I go to shop and buy some chocolate ice cream. I don't ever get Valentine's day chocolate but maybe I can buy it myself : D

    1. Actually it's not that big here either... but everyone seems to make a huge fuzz about it anyway...
      We never had any big actions in school. at least they were not big enough for me to actively remember them... still.

      I wish you a fine day and getting yourself ice cream because reasons, sounds totally like me and I support you in that move wholeheartedly. ;D

  2. I don't like valentines day at all. I don't like this huge fuzz making about it ;_; for me it is the day where my dad has his birthday and it is all.

    Hope you had a nice day anyway!

    1. That's exactly my point. :D
      Happy Birthday for your dad & I hope you had a really nice day, too.

  3. " but at least I had a more or less legit excuse to scarf a whole milka chocolate bar in approximately 10minutes when I came back from university." haha I laughed so much...this is me!! I can't see a chocolate bar lying around, I have to eat it immediately... .-.
    Hope you hadn't stomachache after your little snack ;3

    1. haha, I'm happy I made you laugh (;
      Naw, it was all fine.. but now I have no chocolate left for my study marathon... orz

  4. Happy Valentines ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thanks alot, I hope you had a happy valentines day, too. ^^

  5. Hehe.. I think I had the same problem like you - I don't mind couples being lovey dovey and having a supercute date on Valentine's day, but pleeease don't show off! :D

    1. Excuse me, while I fangirl for a short second because - holy effing llama - miu commented on my post! --- no seriously. you are actually one of the only German blogs I read and - wow ....

      Putting that aside, I just can agree with you again.
      Couples are all nice n stuff, but they should leave poor lonely souls alone. ;D