26 July 2014

新大久保駅 ♡ EXO's living room

... or K-POP {and music} in Tokyo

I'm pretty sure this update is long overdue. 
I'm kind of sorry, really but on the other hand I've been such a lazy bum since my lecturers ended.
It's been almost a week now and I didn't do much yet. Not even for my term paper but I gladly realized that my writer's block {that's been bothering me for almost nine moths} is finally gone and I've found the motivation to work on a project I've been planning more than a year now.

This time now, I want to share a bunch of photos from Shin Okubo {already mentioned in the headline} as well as one of my most favorite stores I've been to during my time in Tokyo: Tower Records in Shibuya.
It's a large, 5 or 6 story building stuffed with nothing but music. Music of all sorts, from everywhere and I don't even know what.
It's amazing. I tell you... and I'm pretty sure I spent the majority of the money I spent - there.

Shin-Okubo, a part of Shinjuku, of course was one of my favorite places to visit, too.
As a KPOP fan in Japan I'm pretty sure this is one of the places you HAVE to visit. The area around the station that is bound to the green Yamanote-Line is what we'd call a Korea Town {or K-Town}.
You have a large choice of Korean shops and restaurants there, a lot hosted for customers that are into Korean pop culture.
You have stores over stores that offer merchandise of all sorts as well as Korean make-up brands or CDs. While you get a lot of cheap-made inofficial merchandise {that still have their own kind of charm and are not generally bad in my opinion} some stores also sell official clothes and articles. 
Beside those stores that shower you with all kind of stuff you didn't even know you don't need {but buy them anyway}, that filled the sidewalks with either EXO or TVXQ like in a race you can find small coffee shops littered around and inbetween the stores, too. A couple of them - of course - also KPOP themed.
EXO in particular where everywhere. We even got cocoa and macha-latte with their logo on them.

Sha and me, we went to eat there two times or so.
Once before the precious felix arrived and also again when he and another lovely friend from Kansas joined us. We constantly had a good time there, really. ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶❤

sha & me on our first visit
and the lovely people I spent my food dates there with

Tower Records in Shibuya on the other hand was much more about the music - generally just about music. They have a small coffee shop area and some magazines on one of the floors but the remaining space is left just for CDs over CDs over CDs... we never entered this store without spending at least the next 2h in there.
In some way it was like Heaven on Earth. {and of course they had a K-POP department, too}

Needless to say I miss it. Especially sitting together in a coffee shop in Shinokubo or having frozen yogurt together... also the Korean food of course. Just... pretty much everything. 

But who could blame me?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. :D Das wär auch mein persönlicher Himmel XD ...natürlich nur wenn ich auch was von MBLAQ dort finden würde òo ist ja klar! :3

    1. Sie hatten auch MBLAQ da. :)
      Dadurch dass sie japanische Releases haben, sind die ja auch recht populär da. :D