21 December 2014

2014 catch ♡ april - july

It's time to get some of the things done, that I whined about when I said there were posts that needed to be done before 2015 sneaks in behind our backs.
I noticed that I did way too few {gets} posts this year. The first was published really early, in February - you can read about it here.

And as I learned that many of my readers seem to like those, it's about time I do another one, and spam you with some of the goodness I got to call my own during the first half of the year.

Nothing new - I'm a huge BABY
so of course there was a point where I got myself some goodies. 
This point was back in April and it was kind of a birthday present for myself; 
if you want to say it like that.

this was the morning after concert, in May; with my new B.A.P tour shirt. 
I got the hoodie as well but failed to take a good photo with it all year long.
I actually did a small haul in May; 
so you can click here to see the other goodies beside this cute lace shirt.
Later in June, my mom was a darling and bought new eyeliner and the like for me; 
before I got myself two really sweet and affordable eau de parfums {among other small things} 
from essence. I'm not such a big fan of too bold fragrances so I'm really digging these.
In July; I spent the most on my nerdy, playful side. Of course, there is some more B.A.P, too and my favorite manga this year: Karneval. 
For the last picture: I finally got a new purse and I still think it's super amazing... as amazing as the CDs I bought the same day. Always wanted to own these masterpieces though they look kind of plain next to my kpop albums.
But who are we to judge a book by its cover, right?

Self-evidently, I'll try to put out another {gets} post with the second half of the year these days; next to some other postings.
I hope you'll stay tuned and may find some time during the holidays to read these.
What do you like the most about other's {gets}? 
What's your favorite pick out of mine?
Tell me in a comment below.

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