5 December 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 八月

There're only two more weeks - also one more written midterm and two oral presentations, plus two tests on my Japanese vocabulary and kanji knowledge, before I can finally have some sleep and some Christmas time with my family {and friends} and hopefully enough time to get all the missing 2014 posts done.
As you know, if you follow me around for some time, I don't like carrying over undone posts to a New Year.

So today we'll have another month in a nutshell; this time 4months ago: when our thoughts were still far from any Christmas-y occations and glogg or ground frost.


八月 was the start of my summer trip through Germany.
To celebrate my 100+ followers via GFC - and because I'm never satisfied - I did some changes on my tumblr and blogger layout {you probably got used to it already and won't notice}.
After a Korean dinner I had with friends {some of them are currently in Seoul and I miss them dearly} I went to Berlin on August 10, to see LedApple live and it sure was a great show. 
I'm happy I could see them with the line-up I got to know them and I also met a pretty cool girl from Finnland again, that I last saw in May for B.A.P's concert. 
Soon afterwards I went to Duisburg to visit my amazing friends Aiji and Maya, and went to GamesCom with them. It was pretty crowded and we only had the Sunday to spend there but I still really enjoyed it. Before I left we had some delicious home-made Okonomiyaki... before my trip went on and I got to one of my dearest, closest friends; Cat.


I'll probably post more about September because I took a little more photos then... but I'm still not quite sure since I really enjoy this small format to catch up with things that happened MONTHs ago...
Maybe I'll do another post about general highlights or photos I found on my hard drive or something random like that...
Now I'm going to contemplate about resting a bit more - since I haven't felt quite well today; so that I can get up early tomorrow again to study - or if I'll do a bit of extra studying now.

tough decisions!

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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