17 December 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 九月

My midterms are over for this year and I did my presentation, too.
Bad thing is.... I got sick and feel quite unwell right now... The fever isn't that bad anymore but still I need to stay in bed for the most of the day... just crawled out to be a bit productive at least.

The last month in a nutshell post isn't even that long ago and yeah... maybe it's a bit boring to have two of them in a row but I can't stay here long enough to prepare the next Japan update because my brain will strike and punish me with head ache.
So let's hurry up and get some impressions of this year's September.


The end of August and beginning of 九月 was spent with one of my best friends in the world.
I didn't take a lot of photos since we didn't do much beside relaxing 
and working seperately on our term papers...
Afterwards I went back to Düsseldorf to spend a weekend with felix.
Actually we were thrilled to attend the K-Culture Festival but it was cancled last-minute.
Let's not talk about this, because it still makes my blood boil for several reasons... 
however we used the free time we had on our hands then for some 
sightseeing and just checking out the city.
We don't get the chance to visit Düsseldorf a lot, 
keeping in mind that we live on the other side of Germany.
After we returend I was ambitious to prepare for my classes 
with some kanji training and back-to-school shopping. 
Lastly I visited the Gärten der Welt again, 
enjoying the nice weather.


I'm happy I could spend my summer checking out some other corners of Germany 
- though there are still so many places I haven't visited.
I'm actually wondering what kind of photos I will find for the next nutshell, since university routine kicked in then...
Anyway... Since Christmas is there in mere 7days, I should probably post something more Christmas-y here. I'm not entirely sure if I even have anything like that on my mind or hard drive.

Are you in the Christmas mood already?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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