27 December 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 十月

I hope you all survived the holidays without getting burried by presents or fattened by gushy grandmas or aunts - I believe, we all have them.
I spent Christmas together with my family and my special someone and had the big luck to see three of my dearest friends for some hours during these days, too.
I got so many cute presents that it made me - in fact - speechless and am just so happy that I could be with so many loving people and share my happiness with them.
That's actually what I like the most about Christmas.


Eitherway, carrying on the tradition {and since time is running out for 2014} to sum up passed months in nutshells. This time; October.

celebrating my first lectures' day with Japanese lunch/dinner
I got really busy with the start of that month, so that my uploads on Instagram decreased drastically but the pictures on twitter advanced the same moment... which resulted in a lot of photos which are no longer square and fit the form I used for these nutshells. I still found enough to put up the familiar shape.

It was getting colder with the beginning of 十月 and we had a lot of rain.
For example when I visited the East Side Gallery at night because they promised a light show 
that turned out to be a disappointment, but walking down the street, looking at the Berlin Wall was kind of impressive. 
B.A.P and their fans celebrated their 1000days since debut and of course 
I couldn't keep myself from contributing something small.
I downloaded and played the Pokémon ORAS demo exessively, 
fell in love with my new skeleton tank top/dress and my cutie Snorre paid me a visit when I redyed my hair. He loves to sleep in the bathroom, cuddled up in some towels.


2015 is approaching fast but there is still so much to do...
University will come back with a lot of force and kick me hard in the face for not spending my vacation with nothing but studying... since there is another midterm waiting {next to the one I have to repeat because I royally screwed up in my first try} the first weeks of January will be so stressful, just when I have another big online announcement I so much rather work on.

See you in my next update; there is still much to do this year.
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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