30 December 2014

live 2014 ☆ july, august, september and december

I'm as busy as a bee, this is already the second update I prepare for you guys.
This time we're talking about the other 4 concerts that were in my schedule 2014.

July 27th I went to Berlin to join other ARMY who were waiting excitedly to see BTS
a pretty new but really talented rap-heavy group of Korean boys. 
It was really fun and I got to know a couple of really interesting, 
bubbly teens when we were waiting in line. 
This almost makes me feel kind of old, haha

Their program for ARE WE L8TE? which resembled the name of one of their recent mini albums, was more of a fanmeeting and differed a lot from the concerts I usually go to.
They did a lot of games and talks with their fans, including presents and quizes.
I really enjoyed the happy-go-lucky atmosphere and appriciate their hard work.
Next up was a concert I am now even happier I could attend. LedApple will soon change their lineup again and I was really lucky to see them the way I got to know this band, August 8.
The ColumbiaClub, a well known venue for me - which already isn't one of the biggest locations there is, was only half-filled but the concert was great and a lot of fun.
Their show was awesome and I felt that they were just so cool and relaxed around their fans. The whole concert, even the organizers gave me the same feeling. We didn't got tickets but a number and got to enter the hall when it was our time. This made it so much less stressful because no one pushed around and the usual trouble was absent, too.
Sadly, I can only tell you how extremely angry and disappointed I still am about the next event that was bound to come up in September. The K-Culture Festival was a heavily promoted event on facebook. It was said to be a huge concert with 6 different Korean acts, including big hits like BlockB and Ailee. I decided to join with one of my dear friends. It costed a good fortune to get some seated tickets {more than 100€ per person} and I won't go into detail about other class tickets.
We got a place to stay in Düsseldorf for the weekend the Festival should be held, but it was cancled without a given reason two weeks before. Of course it was already too late to get your money back from any of the websites that sold them and so not only we, but hundereds of people still wait or went into legal action to get back the money they spent falsley on people who screwed us all over.
I spent a good time with felix in Düsseldorf whatsoever, but I learned my part and will keep my distance from shady stuff like that in the future.
Luckily, after this disappointment we got our chance to join another concert in December, whatsoever. A hand full of friends joined in and so we spent a great evening, though it ended not as pleasant as I imagined it {which was my fault for the most part}.
ONE OK ROCK is probably one of the greatest Japanese rock bands I know and I was really happy to see them live. They were supported by two opening acts that you should totally check out because they were amazing, in my opinion.
We saw Mallory Knox, a band from England whose members I ran into on my way home later that night, haha And a super cool band from Australia called Tonight Alive
They did a great job getting us in the mood, the only down part was, that the actual act started 10PM and lasted long enough {also because organizing a good system for the exit of a venue and for the cloakroom obviously isn't a thing they knew much of} to make me miss my last train, but I have an awesome mom who didn't hesitate to drive through the night to pick me up in the end. 
Thanks mom. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I'm not really in the know about concerts in 2015 yet.
But I really don't want to feel that excitement fading when I see so many acts again... I had it a few times, that I couldn't find my anticipation the morning of the concert and I was a bit worried whenever this happened. I worried if I would be able to feel it. I did in the end and the moments when you're just there, bathing in music and the atmosphere never let me down but I really don't want to get used to something that can feel so phenomenal.

Do you already have concert plans for next year?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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