3 January 2015

2015 ✧ new years resolutions


A new year has started and though I usually spend my NYE quietly with my family or closest friends I watch a lot of people getting really motivated once the new year has arrived and we need to get used to write a 15 instead of 14, though it will probably take 5month until we finally get a grip of the new number.
I really enjoy seeing people breaking free and out of their usual habits, looking for a change in them.
It's inspirational and motivating and so I want to share my resolutions, here with you, too.

1. be happier
this has always been one of my top priorities. no matter what I do, I always want to do it without remorse. I want to live a happy life, which leads to a piece of advise I want to offer: go and look for beauty in the small things. 
I'm always living on a high stress level but I always try to keep positive things about my life in sight, that keep me going strong and motivate me no matter how troublesome my situation is.
I also try to see the positive in every situation and try to keep myself from worrying about things I have no influence on - the past - but also things that take their time. Accepting that we all have our personal pace in everything we do, helps a lot, too.

2. be healthier
quite frankly, I don't fancy sport. I never really did.
I like swimming and dancing but I have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone and to get myself to do things I generally find no pleasure or joy in, has always been a challenge.
however I realized that it is essentially for my health - and some problems I've been facing - to get a bit active at least.
I hope a bit of workout in the morning will get me pumped with energy for university; I've been really lacking this and being tired is a state I haven't left for months, it seems.
also, I want to take better care of my {dry} skin and drink more water.
Eating more healthily and regularily is in the works, too.

3. be more ambitious and work hard
... to reach my personal goals, as well as the ones I have in my academic life.
this summer semester is the last troublesome time, when I have to wrestle with two languages at the same time and I have high expectations for my final grade in Korean Class. 
I can't really say I will miss the lessons since it has been kind of chaotic the whole two years I've put work into that, but still.
I tend to aim really high and end up defeated and full of self-doubt when I can't reach my goals, so I hope I can proceed to work on how I deal with that habit, this year, too.

4. do more of the things I love
this goes hand in hand with my first resolution.
in order to make this year a good year, there are handfuls of things I want to do, and that I want to allow myself to look forward to. someone who you expect to work hard {including yourself} should be rewarded for it, sooner or later, too.
and yes, this includes being more active on my SNS, blogging about various things and maybe - if I am lucky - traveling.
Generally spoken, I look forward to outgrow myself this year.
I am a person who loves the perspective of re-inventing myself every morning when I wake up and I want to try and break out of the daily grind whenever I can.

Don't hesitate and reach for the stars, but don't forget to be proud of small steps, too.
Also; be patient with yourself. There are a lot of things that just need time.

Do you have any big resolutions for this year?
Any question? Ask in a comment below.

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