9 March 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 4

Route 4 If you could live in one region, which would it be? In what town and why?

I actually think that all regions have something really specific that makes them interesting in their own way but if I had to choose my favorite town, the one where I want to live, I have a couple of places that stand out, though.

Making this post again a bit more detailed, I'm going to introduce my top 5 places in the games, what I like about them and why I would consider moving there. This time it's in a particular order, which will lead to my utterly favorite place and start with - well 
No. 5 of my top favorite towns in Pokémon.

#5 Dendemille Town - in Kalos
Dendemille Town is a small town in the North-East of the region with a huge windmill, a lot of stairs and levels within the town that you can explore. It's a rather small town and you can find fields at the outskirts indicading that the town's main interest and earnings come from farming.
My favorite part about this town is the magical feeling that comes with the slowly falling snowflakes, the big windmill and the way all the small terraces work together. Also it's close to one of my favorite routes and features this game has to offer: Route 17, the Mamoswine Path were the snow is so thick and towering that you have to ride a Mamoswine to get from one spot to the other.
The fact that the town is - indeed - not big reminds me a lot of my hometown and I think these kind of places have their own rhythm and are great to calm a stressed person when they come home.

#4 Agate Village - in Orre
Agate Village is the island of green in Orre's desert, a small town in the North-West of the region and pretty much the most beautiful place you can find in that game and region whatsoever.
The Relic Forest lies in the center of the town, a sacred place where you are able to open the hearts and therefore free Shadow Pokémon in the games. It's a monument dedicated to the time Pokémon Celebi that appears in the game as well.
What I like the most about the town - though the majority of its population are elderly people - is the beautiful river an the gigantic waterfall. It gives the place so much peace and a truly majestic atmosphere.

#3 Anistar City - in Kalos
Yeah, Anistar City is the town with that beautiful, mysterious sundial.
A really wealthy looking city, located in Kalos' East. I always felt like - though the sundial has such a critical meaning to find your mega stones and is important for the whole mega evolution issue - the city never got as much attention as it is worth. I think it has just the perfect size. You even have a boutique and a café you can spend your time in and the Pokémon gym looks pretty nice too {though it wasn't really a challenge during the game}.

#2 Ecruteak City - in Johto
Ecruteak City is simply the most beautiful town in Johto and I absolutely adore its Japanese atmosphere and its vibe. You have a traditional theater and a super cool gym leader with ghost Pokémon - one of my favorite types. Ecruteak City may be located in the North of the region but it's still really easy to get around and has a central feeling because of that.
Lastly, these endless seas of golden leaves and rustling wonderfulness - can you imagine something better?

#1 Sootopolis City - in Hoenn
It wasn't even hard to choose. My favorite region is Hoenn and Sootopolis City is my absolute favorite town, so without a doubt I'd love to live there.
Sootopolis City is a city carved out of white stone in the middle of a crater that surrounds it like a castle. You can only access via air or when you dive and that might be an obstacle to some but I just think it makes the whole experience more exclusive.
Needless to say this town just has something magical and after being redesigned in ORAS it looks even more fantastic. I really like that blooming tree in the middle of the town and how the Cave of Origin looks now. Needless to say Sootopolis City has the most fabulous gym leader, too {no, I don't talk about Juan!}.

What is your favorite region or town?
Tell me in a comment below.

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