4 April 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 5

Route 5 What is your favorite starter Pokémon? Least favorite?

Time to showcase my indecisiveness once again. Well, no this time I worked hard to come up with a simple answer, no extras, no top... - pick a number of your choice.
I have to say that I pretty much like all starters... some more and some less but as a whole there is just little I'd complain about.

Moving on without beating about the bush, my vote for 'favorite starter Pokémon' goes to...

This adorable fellow here, Mudkip.
You can fight me but Mudkip is definitely one of the cutest water starters we got through the generations and their evolution beats ass.
They have a great type-combination making it a Water/Ground type what - if you ask me - is a brick thrown directly into your rivals face who tries to beat you with Electro-types. On the other hand you need to get brave and experimental facing Grass types but... oh well.
The final straw that made me choose Mudkip, is the personal fact that it was indeed my first very own starter I ever had and so it will always have a small muddy place in my heart.

On the down side we now need to talk about my least favorite one, too.
Long story short - it's Chespin.
I think Chespin itself is a really cute buddy, too... but their evolution just doesn't speak to me at all. I don't like their looks or any of it and it's actually sad because the type-combination was promising and step one, our cutie Chespin here, had a lot of potential too.
But Nintendo just didn't use it wisely and screwed up with the design a lot, in my opinion.
If I was to get a Chespin I'd probably inplant an everstone and keep it just the cute way it is.

What's your favorite starter Pokémon and why?
Tell me in a comment below.

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