6 May 2015

flashback ♡ lovely birthday presents

I love presents. I love to recieve them almost as much as I love to give them myself.
Sometimes it's a bit hard for me to accept them but in the end it always makes me happy and flattered when someone puts so many thoughts and so much heart into something, to give it to me as a present.
I still find it really hard to tell people what I want for my birthday or Christmas, since I have the habit to work towards my aims on my own and rather see my material wishes as rewards I have to work for, until I eventually earn them.
This might be a rather weird introduction for a birthday post, but here I am - pretty much one month after my actual level-up.
I don't count myself to the people who start to hate their birthday at some point, stressing out how they are growing old and... I really don't get it. I think aging is simply a natural process and it's not even as if you're suddenly a year older when the clock strikes 12am on your birthday - the aging is already done at this point and you can't really run from it anyway, besides there is nothing you have to run from in the first place.
I'm not an enthusiast either - at least when it comes to my own birthday.
I usually celebrate only with my closest friends and family, sometimes only the latter and celebrating usually means cake and nice talks and that's it.
As I mentioned in my last month in a nutshell, this years birthday was one of these I just decribed - being only inches away from the semester's start there wasn't so much time to do anything special whatsoever.
Eitherway, with this piece here, I want to share all the cute and amazing presents that were gifted to me and just thinking about them makes me all smiles, right now.

The first was felix, who's currently living in Seoul and whose parcel arrived one week before my actual birthday - so we had to wait until I could finally open it and tell him how freaking much I loved all his little somethings. In fact, I felt like it wasn't only a birthday present but a care-package from Korea - stuffed with so much cuteness.
If you haven't known it before, yes - I'm an EXO-L and next to these cute standees of Xiumin, Chen, Suho and Lay, he actually looked around and got me the First Box, that I secretly always wanted to have. 
I didn't dare to open it yet, anyway. Last up in the EXO section, was a small surprise from Nature Republic. It's thorntree soap, that came with a cute Lay packaging. I really like the smell and I prefer bars of soap to wash my hands over liquid soap - which makes it twice as great!
Let's continue with the fluffy part of the package: cute bunny socks and a totoro bag! It's super cozy and I just want to pet it all day long. I keep my Nintendo3DS, headphones and power bank (which I got from my parents, you'll see it underneath) in it when I go to university.
A care-package without snacks isn't complete; I got Jelly Day: Grapes and Strawberry Cream Pepero (crazily delicious). Last but not least - sticker sheets. I love those. The motives are so cute and I'm so sad that they don't sell something like that, where I live. I guess I have to buy a whole suitcase of them when I get the chance to go to Korea myself.
Eventually the package was empty and though, I felt as if my synapses were about to burst from joy and cuteness any moment, a handful of other great presents were already waiting for me.
My best friend Cat, sent me this cute notebook, made from real leather. I absolutely adore the almost rustic style.
Next to the well-liked gift of money, I also got these two books. I saw them a couple of times already and always felt curious, ready to stick my nose right into them, just to hesitate and doff the idea later on. Now, however I am finally rid of all excuses and own them myself. And; of course the power bank I already mentioned with totoro. My phone dies really fast these days... I guess it's slowly getting old and I use it exessively, so this small power-up is wonderful, especially because finding a power outlet on the go can be a pain in the bum.

Last up, are the beautiful things the special someone bought for me. He kind of insisted on the idea of going out and buying something for me and I'm so in love with all the clothes. It's one of the first times I was using my tripod a couple of days, to shoot the photos, too and since it was weekend I'm not wearing any makeup and therefore hid my face a bit. A blank face simply didn't do justice to these pieces.

I'm still so overwhelmed by all these pretty and wonderful things and I don't even know what to say. I also want to thank everyone who congratualted and sent nice thoughts and cute messages on my birthday (and also later). I'm really happy. 
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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