1 May 2015

四月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

I feel like it has been forever since I could post anything beside Pokémon Challenges and I'm so sorry for my lack of updates. Good thing, the 1st of May comes with a free Friday, which means finally a tiny bit of time to settle back and take a breather.
University has been crazy. I guess a big part of that is my personal aspiration and the idea of how much work I want myself to get done and how much effort I want myself to put into all of it. I talked about this in my studying tips update that feels so recently to me, though it has been three full weeks already.
So I guess another reason for why doing such an update feels like a decade to me is, that April just had a lot to offer and a lot of events that took place in some way or another.

Right before the new lecture periode started - sandwiched into the Easter holidays - was my 21st birthday. I only had a small celebration with my family, since a lot of my close friends weren't available to share this day with me anyway. I will try hard to get an extra update about my presents ready because they were crazily cute this year and I loved every one of them.
After my new schedule actually started, things got crazy and I wasn't really able to do anything but university. Admittedly the first week and all the responsibilties knocked me out for sure, especially because I didn't really feel recovered and well rested by the end of my spring break. I eventually got used to it by now and can finally start to include some small breaks for me and my hobbies here and there. I really miss my friends though because it especially got hard to keep in contact with my closest friends who live far away right now and are busy with their own lives too.
A great side-effect however was, that one of them who's currently residenting in Seoul could get me my new EXODUS albums first-hand and I didn't have to pay such an insane price for them either.
My obsession for blooming trees and cherry blossoms perked up like every spring and they literally make me so happy and make me feel less stressed for at least a few moments, which is a great help.
I even went to see a movie (The Avengers 2) in the theater - let's not talk about my plans to watch Cinderella - and it was quite fun. It has been a long time since I went to a cinema and the first time with the special someone so it indeed the whole evening had a great vibe, though I had been in university till 5pm and got up 6am that day. 

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I have a bunch of ideas what I want to post here soon - I hope it actually will be soon - as usual and I hope I can make up a working schedule that enables me to actually do that. For now, I hope you liked this more detailed throwback and can enjoy your extended weekend. 

What is your favorite thing in spring?
Tell me in a comment below.

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