13 May 2015

versatile blogger award ♡

I like this kind of virtual awards. You can't buy anything from them but it still feels great to recieve them (or 'be tagged' how we jargonize these days on the Internet). After all it means someone is thinking of you and/or your blog, so I always end up excited, though they're probably not worth the fuss.
Anyway, the lovely Jessie from Jeweled Heart nominated me for the versatile blogger award.
It's quite similar to the Liebster Blog award that was whized around the blogger community one or two years ago; here are the rules.

  1. Thank the person that nominated you. 
  2. Share seven facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other blogs.

Seven facts about yuku ♡
  1. Something that's probably not new to anyone who visits my blog for some time now: I study Japanese Studies and Korean. I always wanted to learn Japanese and more about the culture but since lessons in school always were Eurocentric I saw my chance after graduating highschool - and took it. I added Korean class as my second language in year two because their culture and the cultural exchange has been a huge interest for me, too. I love learning new things about cultures and I really like learning languages, so I'm pretty lucky with my study routine and classes and like them, though it's tough.
  2. I'm easily impressed with things. Ironically, I'm likewise hesitant when it comes to trying out new stuff... I guess it's because I have too high expectations and too little trust in my own abilities. 
  3. Someday I want to become a writer. I love to read almost as much as I love to write and the idea of being able to create new worlds and stories and share these dreams and imaginations with other people, to let them escape a dull everyday life or inspire them is one of the most beautiful and magical ideas I can think of.
  4. I love games. Since I got my first Gameboy in 2003, I've pretty much been a nintendo customer but I occassionally like to play on my brother's XBOX as well. Because of my stuffed study schedule however, I'm not able to play as much and as routinely as I'd love to.
  5. I don't like coffee or energy-drinks. I know, it's hard to imagine how a student in 6th semester is able to even survive without these two goods but let me tell you that though I don't like anything that has the remote taste of coffee clinging to it (and cringe by the sole thought of energy-drinks) I evolved into an obsessive tea-lover. I drink it everyday and I'm pretty sure I'm not able to function without it anymore. Sidenote: though I don't like the taste of coffee, I really enjoy its scent.
  6. I'm kind of thrifty. I learned that you have to work for money and to buy goods and started to job a bit in my last year of highschool, however I needed to stop when I started university. This way I became aware of money's worth and now I always try to save up as much as possible... the downside is, that I got really thrifty with spendings for myself. Even if I really want to have something and actually have the money left to buy it... 90% of the time I will end up not buying it for a stupid reason I made up in my stupid mind, just to regret it later - but still insist on not buying it.
  7. I'm super clumsy. Just this morning I somehow managed to cut my thumb open by throwing away an empty cheese packaging. I really don't know how this happens to me all the time but I actually am used to waking up with bruises on my legs or somewhere else and I don't even wonder anymore where they come from. I run into furniture, doors and other stuff with such a high frequency that I don't even have words for it anymore. I occassionaly wonder how I didn't break a bone or got myself hospitalized because of something else yet, though.
I never know who to tag, but I guess I will go with some of the blogs I really enjoy reading these days.
april  carisse  sann  kari 
... actually I wanted to nominate yapo and ashley, too but they were already tagged by jessie as well and I know how involuntarily awkward it gets if you get the same awards right after another and try to include them in one update.

Now it's your turn; tell me a random fact about yourself!
~ in a comment below.

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