4 July 2015

六月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

This time I'm a bit late. It's already the 4th of July but I was way too busy with stuff around, to post this earlier here. Anyway, without further ado: June in a nutshell

June was a month, I spent being happy about the small things. It was world best-friend day - ironically I didn't meet any of my best friends this day, and treated myself for a new hand creme. I found this small NIVEA tin that is just perfect if you want to carry it around in your bag and they have a range of really, really adorable designs these days, featuring dreamy pictures with this small boy swiming with a turtle (the one I got) and another with a night sky that is built in the typical NIVEA-blue color. I like these even more than the pink hello kitty versions they had a while back.
I spent my weekends studying and doing a lot of homework - except for one, when the boyfriend and I went to Berlin for an exhibiton - I will post about it soon. I don't even have a photo here yet because they are still on my camera.  Something else I realy loved about June was that the weather became nicer but it still wasn't too hot, moreover my granny made strawberry cake almost every weekend for me (well, for the whole family but I was the one eating the most of it) which made it a bit sweeter to just work all week for good grades. I hope it was worth the while in the end...

If I'm not too busy and forget about it, I post more frequently on twitter, so feel free to follow me, if you are interested in a student's everyday life. ♡

Lecture period is only two more weeks. My Japanese exam is close and I'm so excited and scared.
I still need to study a lot, for Koren class (one week after Japanese exam), too and so I hardly have the chance to work on all the blogposts I promised to upload before I go on vacation July 23rd. 
I hope your semester doesn't end with so much stress and you can enjoy some free time, soon.

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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