18 July 2015

お土産 ♡ what I bought in Japan

Assuming from my own - pretty nosy - nature, I thought it would be fun to share what I spent all the money on, during my trip. Since I stayed a month in total, I'm sure a certain amount of cash was used to feed and carry myself around. There are only two or three days I recall, when I didn't board a train during my 4 weeks stay.

However, I got the chance to buy a lot of stuff - though I couldn't help my thrifty nature and didn't spend nearly as much as I feared I would - and especially the 100¥ shops, namely Daiso were to my liking. I still don't understand why we can't have something like that where I live.
Literally everything there was more pleasing to the eye than what I've seen for easily twice as much in my home country.
The quality might not be the best and I have to admit that some of the stationery I bought are decrepit by now (after one year of constant use), but other things from the same store still work completely fine.

this was not from Daiso and obviously more than ¥100 but totally worth it ♡
Needless to say, I couldn't really keep my hands off some K-POP albums and merchandise products. There are a lot of stores where you can buy all sorts of stuff in Shin-Okubo but only a handful of stuff sell the 'original' merchandise products, so you should check the products trice or not be disappointed if the quality isn't what you imagined. I'm pretty satisfied with everything I bought, though.
When I think about it now, it's possible that some of the stores sell fanarts or photos taken by fans uncredited and I feel kind of bad for not thinking more about this when I was there.
I just realized now, that I didn't take a photo of the Lay-pullover my best friend felix got me, but I'm sure I wore it to a lot of occasions already and you might have seen there.
Getting the best of my thrifty side, I got hold of some clothes (and some make up) as well, even though they are rather expensive in Japan.
this shirt from MINT NeKo is easily one of my personal favorites ♡
The last place that I could have spend easily more money than I already left there, was the Pokémon Center and I'm dying to go there again. I'm so sad that I still didn't find out if there is anything similar in Korea... (PS: The Litleo plushtoy was the souvenir for my little brother (6yo) and he loves it to bits)
Which is your favorite item?
Tell me in a comment below.

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