2 September 2015

八月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

It's weird how fast time flies by when you are busy... it's already time for the next nutshell ♪
I spent most of August in Korea which results in this resume being full with small impressions from my trip. I still haven't make up my mind about how I want to do my updates about the five weeks I spent on the other side of the world yet, so I think it's a small treat my readers are well worth, after I let you wait for so long, when I showed no sign of life on my blog whatsoever.

Being a foreign tourist has it good points as I was able to get tickets for the night tour for the Gyeongbok Palace, while most of the limited tickets for residents were already sold out. 
Since the boyfriend spent a lot of time on his phone playing random games I returned to one of my neglected games too. The Kiki&Lala Café event on LINE PLAY was quite cute and my pastel boy (he and his room are far from finished anyway) fit in perfectly...
Decided to include some more happiness here. My obsession for cute stationery perked up whenever I went shopping and I was able to see so many cool spots and met a lot of cool and super fun people. I'm so glad the boyfriend's family and friends liked me to much. 
On our last day he bought this cute rilakkuma doll for me (he bought it behind my back to surprise me but it fell out of his bag & so I noticed and ruined my own surprise) and we decided to get couple rings. They are a lot more affordable in Korea and since I am allergic to silver it can get quite laborious... but we ended up with a really great deal and super cute rings. ♡

Lastly - as I shared on twitter and instagram before, without me actually noticing my twitter account had its 6th anniversary. It's kind of funny to think about how long I've been around... I've been blogging for more than 3 years and I remember that I created my twitter account before my first try on blogger but it might have been in the same year which means 5 years of blogging under one name or another for sure. No reason to get overly emotional, especially because this is off-topic, haha
With the beginning of September summer is pretty much over now and my second favorite season will start soon.

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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