1 September 2015

과자 ♡ my favorite Korean snacks

Triggered by the recent updates from two fellow bloggers, Jessie and Sann who shared their experiences with different monthly subscription boxes for Japanese snacks and because keeping my boyfriend and my brother off the goodies is getting harder with every day, I decided to fastforward things a bit and post something that is related to my summer trip to Korea, though I still haven't got a schedule how I will do the other updates surrounding  this topic... 
My self-dicipline is getting weaker whenever I walk by the coffee table too, so it's probably the best to introduce the snacks I brought from Korea before I've eaten all of them and can't show them anymore later.

As most of you know I spent the last 5 weeks in Korea and of course there was no way for me not to check out some snacks. When I'm home I tend to not eat too much of them (because I'm too lazy to buy them myself and my little siblings have some kind of 'no sweets' policy going on with my parents) but when you wander around a convenient store you just can't help your curious eyes and since the boyfriend wanted me to try some of his favorite snacks anyway, we ended up having a lot of them around our apartment.
During one of our last days, I went on a mission to get my hands on as many of my favorites as possible because I can't buy 80% of these here in Germany and you bet if I find any - for easily twice as much (three packages of chew were only ~1.15€)...

1st Cookies called 쿠크다스 (KUKUDAS)
They are basically two cookies, sandwiching a creamy filling (either chocolate or milk cream) and come in two different flavors - white chocolate and milk chocolate. They are quite sweet, especially compared to traditional Korean sweets but I still ended up eating a lot more of them than I probably should have. 
Sadly, they are really brittle and 90% of them broke into pieces during the flight back home (the midsize packet was ~1.50€).

 와우 (WOW) chewing gum in 쿨소다 (koolsoda) flavor.
I can't really describe the flavor of it but it's sweet and fresh and I already found this flavor back in Japan and actually was looking for chew and not gum but ended up buying this anyway, though I'm totally not a gum kind of person.
3rd 빼빼로 (Pepero)
Though I am a bit picky with these as well you can't do much wrong with this snack. It's probably one of the most famous sweets you can find here anyway and though I liked the strawberry milk version a lot more, I was only able to get the OREO-flavored ones before I returned to Germany.
They are not as sweet and the bread stick sterm in the middle is rather thick, but they are still as fun.
Lastly, 마이쮸 (MyChew) chew in straweberry flavor.
Usually I don't like chew and chewing gum too much but whenever I see these, I can't leave them alone and have to take one pack with me.
The boyfriend showed me another quite similar brand whose chews were a bit sour... these however remind me of a little less sweet version of Haribo's Maoam.

I'm kind of curious to see how long they will last from now on.
Honestly, one of the Pepero packs was already empty when I took the photos today and the three Kukudas cookies are the last of them, too. 
Funny enough I don't rely on the snacks when I work on my laptop, though the work for my term paper that is coming up is one of my go-to excuse to buy snacks anyway... I usually end up emptying packs and bowls while playing games, which is why I put the remains up on my coffee table. Not really a good strategy if you want to keep yourself from eating them but I didn't buy them just to look at them either.

What is your favorite kind of snack?
Tell me in a comment below.

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