9 October 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 22

Route 22 What is the cutest Pokémon? Ugliest? Most cool-looking?

I feel like we reached the point where the author of these questions used up all their creativity...
I really don't think this kind of questions can be answered easily and I already had a rather hard time answering questions in this challenge or deciding on who would get the title, however - I will give it another try.
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the cutest
I can't possibly decide on the cutest pokémon because there are just too many I love, but I want to introduce Joltik here because bug-types are usually underrated though there are so many cute ones among them. Joltik is a fuzzy bug/electro type and with a size of 10cm and a weight of 600g one of the smallest and lightest cuties around.
the ugliest
When talking about the ugliest pokémon, I will just kindly suggest you to take a look at Route 12, where I talked about my least favorite pokémon - which includes the ugliest as well. 
the coolest
Lastly, the most cool-looking pokémon - honestly this posting today is a bit frustrating for me.
There are so many cool pokémon - where is the difference to cool-looking then and anyway I'm just like ?
But I guess I'd say generation I Arcanine and Gengar are still one of the most badass pokémons around.
059.gif     094.gif

Could you decide on the cutest or most cool-looking pokémon?
Tell me your choice in a comment below.

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