7 October 2015

giveaway ♡ Kari's Blog ☾

Today I have an unscheduled update for you. One of my favorite blogs, Kari's Blog ☾ started a giveaway 
that features a lot of cute Tony Moly products and there is no way I wouldn't try and take part in it!

But not only that, I want to give all of my readers a chance to take part themselves and maybe you'll fall in love with kari's blog and stay as a new follower of her, too.
The giveaway isn't sponsored whatsoever, so she's actually paying for all these cute product herself just to bring joy to one of us. 
You can find more information in the posting on her page, here.
Please check out her blog and other social media - it's definitely worth it if you look for a new blog or pretty girl to follow. You can also find her on twitter, tumblr and Instagram.

I have to say that her cute layout and blogging style inspired me a lot to work on my own blogging this summer and I never actually got to thank her directly for the super positive influence she and her blog are for me. 

Thank you ♡

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