12 October 2015

my favorite things in Animal Crossing ♡

Owed to the circumstane that I busied myself with all sorts of Animal Crossing content to plan the new series I introduced a couple of postings ago, I couldn't help but found one of these time consuming but nonetheless cute questionaires, that was floating around on the animal crossing side of tumblr.
It's one of those lists of questions I never get to answer because none of my followers sends me asks to give me the chance to do but since the 25 ways of Pokémon Challenge got fairly good feedback till now, I decided to try something similar with these questions.
You can find the original questionaire I was inspired by here.

I gave the questions a new order and added a couple of them after I noticed they left out some of the villager's species...
All in all this new game of questions you can ask yourself and answer on your blog of choice contains 70 questions now, that I put in circa 20 different blocks to post them in, in order to not flood you with too many of this, no matter how much fun I personally have with stuff like that.

1 favorite haircolor for your character
2 favorite accessoire
3 favorite hat
4 favorite dress
5 favorite shirt

6 favorite furniture set
7 favorite exterior

8 favorite building on mainstreet
9 favorite K.K. Slider song
10 favorite Public Work Project
11 favorite Gyroid

12 favorite villager species
13 favorite villager character

14 favorite uchi villager
15 favorite normal villager
16 favorite peppy villager
17 favorite snooty villager

18 favorite smug villager
19 favorite jock villager
20 favorite lazy villager
21 favorite cranky villager

22 favorite pink villager
23 favorite blue villager
24 favorite white villager
25 favorite black villager

26 favorite popular villager
27 favorite unpopular villager

28 favorite NPC

29 favorite cat villager
30 favorite dog villager
31 favorite rabbit villager
32 favorite deer villager

33 favorite horse villager
34 favorite pig villager
35 favorite sheep villager
36 favorite cow/bull villager
37 favorite goat villager

38 favorite squirrel villager
39 favorite hamster villager
40 favorite mouse villager

41 favorite cub villager
42 favorite bear villager

43 favorite bird villager
44 favorite ostrich villager
45 favorite chicken villager
46 favorite duck villager
47 favorite eagle villager
48 favorite penguin villager

49 favorite alligator villager
50 favorite rhino villager
51 favorite hippo villager
52 favorite elephant villager
53 favorite gorilla villager
54 favorite monkey villager

55 favorite frog villager
56 favorite octopus villager

57 favortie koala villager
58 favorite kangaroo villager
59 favorite anteater villager

60 favorite wolf villager
61 favorite tiger villager
62 favorite lion villager

63 favorite tool
64 favorite stationery
65 favorite fruit
66 favorite Island Tour

67 favorite season
68 favorite event
69 favorite weather
70 favorite daytime music

I invite every Animal Crossing playing blogger that follows me - like yapo and jessie - and everyone else who likes to, to join me in this little game - I'm just so curious about your favorite things in Animal Crossing.
Any questions? Ask me in a comment below.

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