2 November 2015

十月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

I feel like it has been an eternity since I last used the chance to just sit down and type away whatever comes to my mind, before I wrap it up as a posting for you.
October has been much more eventful than I thought, especially after university started again and without regards for that other things happened as well.
I'm actually really glad to take my time and résumé the month with you today.

The month started with my boyfriend's and mine one year anniversary and a small shopping tour we made in preparation of my little sister's birthday.
I couldn't keep my hands off the cute Pikachu amiibo, though we don't even own a Wii U but I don't regret it in the slightest.

I started into my new semester and lecture period with a huge boost of motivation and am glad to say that it didn't vanish yet. Repeating what we've done in class and writing it down neatly at home as my personal homework keeps me organized and a clean, cute notebook and type face works wonders not even I expected. 
The sad thing about my schedule: I only get to see two of my best friends once a week because our schedules just don't cooperate at all. We still took some extra time and visited one of my favorite cafés in Berlin and ate crêpes together.

Another add to this month's welter of food: the Kimbab and Tteokgalbi my boyfriend and I made for my family. They are always ecstatic when we cook for them.
Something that got me ecstatic on the other hand was the release of the new Animal Crossing spin-off, Happy Home Designer and I dove right into its hype - until it died down a little because I kept myself from playing obsessively because I was over-motivatedly working on homework and other university stuff during the week.

Two weeks ago then, a sad incident deranged my personal schedule I had prepared for the weekend back then. My mother returned from the vet with my oldest cat peacefully sleeping in eternal rest.
Our tottery tom-cat Krümel (which means crumb - because the first time we saw him, merely enough cat to fill the palm of my mom's hand, white and chestnut-colored striped fur covering the small ball of joy and utter love that he was, reminded us of a cake crumb) had been sick and all skin and bones for quite a while so I was prepared. To know that the cat you grew up with (he died with 14 years and 6months of age) still made me cry and I cried a lot more than I expected which threw me off course a bit. After a small funeral in the garden I felt a lot better and in the end of the day it's a comfort to know that he didn't suffer but peacefully fell asleep in my mother's arms and to remember what a happy and love-filled life he could live.

In order to lift the mood again, I can declare that I am being spoiled by my little sister.
She recently got into baking and is doing it with so much joy and motivation that we end up with one or two cakes/trays of cupcakes every weekend and I am left worrying about my worsening skin condition while I scoff the second or third piece of super sweet happiness - you can convince yourself by looking at the photo above.

Was October busy for you? 
What have you planned for November?
Tell me in a comment below.

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