5 November 2015

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 01

As announced, I will start a new kind of challenge revolving around one of my favorite games - this time it's about all-time favorite Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  Feel free to join in and get the questions here.

1 my favorite haircolor for my character

Though none of my residents in Faylea has this hair color, my favorite is "sweet love", the cute pink shade. The mayoress, Yuku of my first town, Mikata used to have it. She was pretty much resembling me, so this hair color was a must-have!

2 my favorite accessoire
My favorite accessoire is definitely thick glasses or the tortoise specs. I'm actually a huge fan of glasses and these two look super cute in my opinion. Erim, my second character in Faylea wears tortoise specs, by the way...

3 my favorite hat
I decided to not only include my favorite hat/headgear but also my favorite wig, since there are a lot of them available in the game. The winners are the hair-bow wig and the crown.

4 my favorite dress
Deciding on a favorite dress was rather difficult because I really love to use QR codes for my character's clothes... but actually they are some pretty nice ones among them. My favorites are the shirt dress, the yellow rain coat and the tartan-plaid outfit.


5 my favorite shirt
Deciding on a favorite shirt comes with the same difficulty than the dresses already did and to make matters worse I don't like the sleeve-less items, but in the end I found four that I would go with, if I had to dress my characters without QR codes: the café uniform, the kid's mock, the beaded shirt and the preppy shirt.


Pretty obviously this first part was all about the appearance of your character and I thought this was a good way to begin this game. I fear the categories will get a bit more random as we go, but I guess we'll manage it somehow.

Do you try to make your mayor or resident look like yourself, 
or do you create completely new characters?
Tell me in a comment below.

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