23 November 2015

스티커 ♡ new arrivals for my collection

Who follows me on my personal tumblr - yukulicious.tumblr.com - might have noticed that between the obnoxious load of KPOP content, POKéMON and fashion snippets, loads of cherry blossoms, beautiful photos and general outbreaks of anything pastel and cute (I honestly reblog whatever floats my boat without any kind of content filter there, it's like my personal dump for everything that holds my attention for longer than 3 seconds) - you can find relatively many reblogs containing stationery.

Hands down, I love stationery.
- especially cute stationery, no matter if pens, pencilcases, notebooks (I actually collect them as well) or whathaveyou, which is why South Korea or Asia in general is heaven on earth for me in a completely other level.


Honestly, I sometimes have a hard time to find stationery with decent quality that is at least kind of in the same street as what you find in Korea in terms of art supply or just generally stationery, here in Germany... Most of the time it's either too expensive or too kitschy (or both).
All the more I used every occassion I could to wander through stores that sell stationery and just surrounded myself with items that I never tired of looking at.

To finally get to the point of this post - I thought it was about time to have a short break of all the sites and neighborhoods and experiences I share with you in this series, and concentrate on some of the wonderful new things I brought from Korea.
As I already sounded before I bought rather much stationery and will therefore divide it (or generally all my hauls) into several posts that I plan to sprinkle inbetween the other Korea-updates, starting with the sticker sheets I bought, today.

Stickers are comparatively huge in Korea, you can get them in basically ever shape and color and the habit of using them to jazz up your diary or agenda is much more common than what I experience in European realms.
Neverminding my obvious excitement about the products I bought, I do have a kind of weird relationship with stickers as I love to buy and collect them but are constantly hesitant to use them, afraid I might waste them - because maybe, someday I will find a more ideal place to put them.

In detail, I tried to concentrate on three different kinds of stickers - excluding the pack of stars which include 9 sheets for a really good price that I just couldn't leave behind either.

1 Funny Sticker World fairytale series 
- The Wizard of OZ | Cinderella's Story | Princess Snow White -

After I got their Alice in Wonderland sheet as a birthday present I was under the spell of all their cute illustrations.

2 LOVE DECO STICKER from Lotte World 
- 왕&왕비 | 신랑&신부 -

I caught sight of the King&Queen and Groom&Bride stickers in LotteWorld II and just couldn't resist because they display parts of Korean history and culture in such a cute way.

3 PONYBROWN - my little friend
- special version | 포니브라운 속닥속닥스티커 -

I instantly fell in love with PonyBrown! She's so cute and I love the design so much
Because the character is so popular the sticker sheets and products around the little bunny girl and her friends were rather pricey and I didn't buy as many of their products as I would have liked to.

Anyway, I'm super happy with all the new stickers I got and willl try to actually use them in the new year when I start my new agenda, that I bought in Korea as well and will show you in another posting, soon.

Do you like stickers and cute stationery?
Tell me in a comment below.

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