14 December 2015

마임 MIME Happy Eye Black ♡ circle lens review

It's been forever since I last did a review on circle lenses, so I figured it was about time to use some of the photos I already took back in September/October and finally work out a review on this pair of lenses - especially because I did have a couple of adventures with it.

I bought the MIME Happy Eye - Black when I was on vacation in Seoul.
One of my friends from Germany knew the store we went to and told me how good experiences she had with the store assistant who could even speak English moderately.
Let's say buying circle lens turned into an adventure.

Thing is, they changed the staff to someone who still could speak a bit English but in fact didn't appear to understand what we looked for and obviously didn't have a lot of experiences with lenses (or at least that is the impression the woman left for both of us).

After all my old lenses expired I wanted to buy new ones with a rather simple, black design so that they wouldn't crush too much with my natural eye color.
Seeing that I have quite large and Caucasian eyes, I wanted lenses with a rather large diameter for Korean norms, too but she would generally show me pieces where the design's black part was thicker which wasn't what I actually wanted.

In the end I found a design I liked and payed about 36 000 KRW (circa 28€/30USD) which was on the expensive side but still acceptable.
My friend was super embarrassed because we both thought the atmosphere was pretty weird and seemed kind of unprofessional. She would profess that the store's staff had been different before and she never had experienced something like that before. She apologized for it what felt like a hundred of times, even though it wasn't even her fault.

I brushed it off, simply happy to finally have a new pair of lenses and with the consolation in mind that I didn't need to deal with that anymore from now on... that was until I realized that something else was a little off.
After returning to our apartment in the evening I looked at the two vials again, originally just wanting to check out the pattern once more, when I noticed that though the design was the same, the two lenses were from different manufacturers and had different dates of production AND dates of expiry - even their diameters were a little bit different. You could argue that it were only 0.2mm but that can already make a huge difference when put in the eye.

I went back to the store the next day, my boyfriend in tow (for lingual and moral support) and tried to return them since I was way too sceptic about the whole deal by this time.
Of course I couldn't but I got them exchanged to a pair that actually belonged together...
Since I am too thrifty to let the money I spent go to waste I gave them a chance anyway, after returning home, where this review actually starts.

general facts 
  • 마임 MIME
  • Happy Eye - No1 Black
  • 14.3mm DIA

As you can see from the meek fact part, I couldn't really get any information about the water content or anything else out of the package that was nothing more but the two bottles you see there.
I got a case with a small mirror and tweezers, too but I personally don't like the idea to put any pointy object other than an eyeliner pencil close to my eyes and therefore don't use tweezers in 99% of cases.

The design is rather simple and reminds me of shattered glass, crystals or grass blades which emphasizes the natural feel. Since the black color still contrasts a lot with my light, natural eyecolor you defintely see what's up but the fact that no additional color mixes with my own quite appealed to me.
Talking about effect and enlargement, I was worried about 14.3mm diameter at first because of my large Caucasian eyes but the huge contrast that the black shade causes, does the job really well and makes my eyes pop! 

After the adventure and weird happenings I'd be really happy to end this whole case with a happy ending but sometimes things just don't work out.
No matter how much I fell in love witht he simple design that still has such an impressive effect - uncomfortable lenses are a no-no. I'm admittedly tough with lenses and all the small aches and pains but these little monsters wrestled me down.
Me taking them out after roughly one hour when I first tried them because they were already bugging me probably was the bird of ill omen. I wore them on my first day to university for maybe 4-5h and struggled with migraine and deviant eyestrain for the rest of the day and the following, too.

What I like about the product
  • design + color
  • popping effect even with small diameter
What I don't like about the product
  • super uncomfortable
  • leaves a dry feeling & eye pain
  • relatively expensive

Overall I can't recommend these lenses. 
Beauty knows no pain is bullshit when you can't look straight for 12 hours, so please don't take uncomfortable lenses lightly and be mindful of your eyes and body, girls (and boys).
Also, I decided to not buy lenses in a local store anymore but relie on the shops I had good experiences with instead.

In order to not let this post end too negatively, I want to share this tweet with you. 
As much as I am convinced that it's not worth to wear these lenses again when they cause so much struggle and pain, they did look really great and I will definitely look for another black pair like these... 

Do you like to wear circle lenses?
Tell me in a comment below.

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