1 January 2016

2015 in a nutshell ♡ 2016 resolutions


I hope you all made it over to 2016 in one piece and spent an enjoyable New Year's Eve with people you like. I spent my New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and two of my best friends (we played Mario Kart and Mario Party and drank tea).
As promised I will combine a small 2015 résumé and the annual new year's resolution post today and make it one spectacle of memories and promises for the month that still lie ahead of us.

2015 in a nutshell would probably look something like that:



2015 was a year in which I went to two concerts and got to travel through Korea for five weeks
(to name two things that funnily cooperate with the date).
I met so many lovely and supportive people and saw many beautiful things.
I feel like I can say that I outgrew myself and still stayed true to who I am and I am proud of this development. Next to all the lovely online friends that I got to know and whose attentive and supportive comments sweeten every day, no matter how grey it might be, I want to shout out a special thanks to my three best friends Cat, Felix and Sharon who dealed with all my ups and downs this year, my family and to my boyfriend who made many of this year's moments magical (though he'll probably never read this).
You are a wonderful pack of people, I wouldn't want to miss a single moment. 


You can click on each snippet to go back to the respective nutshell-posts, by the way.
Now let's talk about the small bunch of resolutions that I have for the new year of 2016.
Looking back at my resolution post from 2015 (here), I realized that some of them didn't really change but they don't feel unaccomplished but like things that are part of a general process and process always takes time.
So for 2016 I have 6 resolutions I want to share with you and maybe they will inspire you to work and perfect yourself even more this year, too.

#1 do sports 2~4 times a week
I actually started to work out at home a bit for a while now but since I felt weak and was in pain more often than not for a longer time I let things chance - but I want to get back into a managable routine for the new year - it brings some needed balance to my work and most of my hobbies (that I do sitting at a desk) after all.
#2 more fruit, vegetables and sleep
I do like to eat veggies and fruit a lot but I am also really, really lazy when it comes to food or buying it which results in me not getting the vitamins I probably need - I want to change that and get back to a more balanced sleeping schedule, too to reduce my stress level.
#3 more happiness
It's something you'll always find in my resolutions because I try to stick to it. I want to be happy, have a happy life and I think all of that starts with your personal attitude.
I want to treat myself with more generosity, stop getting frustrated about things and more easily forgive myself if I can't fulfill my own high expectations.
#4 get my bachelor's degree
I will work hard to reach the next mile-stone of my academic career and still toy with the idea of reaching for the stars and actually applying for the graduate program at my university.
#5 read and write more
There are so many things waiting for me to read them and so many stories in my notes and head that I couldn't work on for months. This year I want to try and get back into one of my dearest hobbies that I forced myself to abandon for way too long.
#6 more fashion & makeup
I want to get back into this field of interest, too. Being too busy with university and generally having my mind's focus on everything else, I started to miss planning outfits and trying out new makeup. I want to get bold and try things again and hope to share them with you here, too.


I have to admit that this post evolved into something bigger than I first imagined. I hope I inspired some of my readers and you look forward to what will be happening on this page here, too.
I sure have some things planned - some old things, some new. 
I hope we'll continue to find time to get together in one form or the other this year.
I wish joy, happiness and success to all of you and hope that this year will treat you generously.

What are your new year's resolutions?
Tell me in a comment below.

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