4 January 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 07

It's time again for my personal Animal Crossing: New Leaf challenge.
If you are new to that or decide to take part in it too, please tell me and click here, for a summary of the questions.

After talking character types the last two times, we talk color now. 
We'll do something rather random but fun about the villager's appearance today because in this part of the challenge, I get to choose my favorite pink, blue, white and black villagers.
I'm not even exactly sure what I can generally say about the choice of color in Animal Crossing...

Needless to say it's really unrealistic to meet a purple squirrel with a yellow bolt on its forehead or a pink dog, but seeing how quirky, lively and cute the game is already - it's so much more fun with these plays of colors included as well.

22 my favorite pink villagers

Nana, Marina, Merengue, Gayle, Apple, Chrissy, Peanut and Diana

23 my favorite blue villagers

Rosie, Francine, Julian, Bam, Pierce, Poncho, Derwin, Bruce, Jeremiah, Jaques, Wolfgang and Skye

24 my favorite white villagers

Rhonda, Chevre, Flurry, Felicity, Blanche, Whitney, Monty, Marshal, Colton, Cranston, Daisy, Dora and Fang

25 my favorite black villagers

Muffy, Nan, Zell and Apollo

Whose fur color-combi do you like the best?
Tell me in a comment below.

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