28 January 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 09

Here we go with yet the next part of this small challenge in which I talk about my favorite things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Feel free to join me, the questionaire's overview can be found here.

After I introduced one of the NPCs that I like when it wasn't exactly asked in the last part.
This part today is all about the store owners, event hosts, seasonal and random visitors that you find in the game. If we count the shop owners on main street alone, we get to say 'Hello' to more than 15 wonderful characters with their own charmes and there are many more than that!
So you can already guess that I can't exactly answer today's favorite with one animal only.

28 my favorite NPC

As already implied in the introduction I have too many NPCs that I like for just as many different reasons. So what I will try is to put them into different categories and introduce only some of them.
First off, we have the shopowners that I already mentioned below but of course I will include the shops you can find directly in your town. The first few characters come in pairs, too.

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Reese & Cyrus
Reese and Cyrus, the alpaca couple that owns the retail store in your town is possibly one of the cutest couples I will ever find in a game. Their cute design, color coding and the two different fields in which they gladly assist you - just everything makes them super likable and I would want to write a personal letter of gratitude to Nintendo for creating them.

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Isabelle & Digby
The twins Isabelle and Digby don't exactly reach the couple charme that Reese&Cyrus rock but they still are super adorable and especially Isabelle proves to be essential to the game. Digby gets a bit more character depth in the spin-off Happy Home Designer but I still just love to see him in his yellow raincoat on main street.

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Gracie is snoppy and a bit too selfconfident but still super fabulous. Sometimes her attitude gets on my nerve and I wish her furniture wasn't that expensive but ever since I read that the giraffe fashion icon was meant to be male at a certain stage of the production I can't unsee the super fabulous gay designer giraffe and this image just brings too much fun.

source ♡
I love Brewster. I just love him. He's kind of shy and doesn't talk much but he's also really warm and has his own little passions (gyroids). I can't explain why I love that pigeon so much but something about him feels too homey, soft and comfortable to ignore.

source ♡
I love his design, his hair style and just his attitude. I don't visit his store so often because I usually have the shoes I like to use fast and don't change outfits too much if I don't find something breathtaking but whenever I do, there's a question inside of my head asking how Nintendo made a skunk that appealing and cool - and why I fall for it.

source ♡
She is just one of the cutest characters in the game. I loved how extraordinarily fascinated with stars she was in Wild World and I plastered my town's sky with weirdly shaped constellations just to spend some time with that cute owl. Now when she manages the mueum's shop you get to talk to her a little more and she's still soo adorable and I generally like the owl siblings a little too much (I love museums and owls are amazing so I shouldn't be too surprised by that connection).

Secondly I want to talk about my favorite seasonal visitors, that I was able to break down to only two: Jack and Pavé.

soruce ♡
Jack, the pumpkin head that dubs himself 'czar of halloween' is just kind of special. I like him and the event he comes with is one of the funniest year around - and honestly I have more fun with ingame Halloween than I'll ever have in real life with that event.

source ♡
Pavé on the other hand is a blue/white peacock that dances nonstops and hosts the Festivale event that takes place in February. I really like the cute feathers that you can gather for that event and Pavé is easily one of the most fabulous characters you'll meet, in a stunningly effortless way.

Lastly, we have the random visitors and it was comparatively easy to choose the one in this sub-category: Katie.

source ♡
I already adored little crybaby Katie in Wild World but now when she's grown up a bit she has just become a little bit cuter - I always thought it wasn't possible but here we are. I can't get enough from that kitten and the items she sends as a token of gratitude are really, really cute and charming, too.

Who's your favorite NPC?
Tell me in a comment below.

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