15 February 2016

Landscaping ♡ とびだせどうぶつの森

After changing my last dreamie, Molly, perforce (there was no patience I could possibly serve with anymore), I finally found a lovely person via twitter, who I will adopt Marina from tomorrow, which means Faylea will finally have all its residents and I can start to landscape effectively after changing my mind about how a hundered times already.
On this occassion, I thought it was time to bring up the next part of that sector here, where I answer unasked questions and share tips and tricks about Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I just need a more or less reasonable output for all the knowledge I gathered obsessively).

So today, I will share a handful of things that come to my mind when thinking about how to plan and landscape your town.

Generally, it's really important to decide which kind of concept or theme you want in your town, if you plan on doing a town for other players to dream about, you could think about which season or time of the day you want the dream of your town to play in, too.
Anyway, time and season will change on their own, but the general concept will influence later decisions on public work projects, your house's exterior and pathes you use (if you use any).

Really popular themes are fairytale, spring, natural and zen themed towns. But the choice of public work projects and the like make any kind of concept possible (sci-fi for example).
Let me show you some examples, I've chosen from the dream towns, I saved on my animal crossing tumblr (you can find it here).

spring/fairy tale themed town new leaf
DC: 6700 2251 1948

natural/forest town fateside
DC: 6600 5552 9680

japanese/zen themed town amoria
DC: 4900 3104 4085

After you decided on your concept it's important to have all or at least most of your dreamies, since plot resetting is destructive for your town's landscape and especially for the grass in your town.
Beside that, it's only logical that you can plan a lot easier how to put together flowers, shrubs and trees and pathes around an area if you already know where houses will be.
You can find an overview of all villagers available on the Animal Crossing Wiki, and some in-depth tips from me, in my last posting of this series; moving villagers.

When planning your town, public work projects play a big role, too. I will link the overview you can find on the wiki here directly. It's my go-to page whenever I plan sites and things in Faylea.

My next tip is: get inspirations for dream towns and the three I linked earlier are just a mini glimps of the variety of dream adresses and towns you can find out there. I have more linked on fayleacrossing, but even these are only a handful of all that is out there. Just get creative and explore.
Some inspiration might well be worth the 500 bells.

Before I share some of my personal favorites when it comes to some of the landscaping elements, I want to share the two guides that helped me the most.
If I should tell you anything more, I would most probably start to quote either of them, so instead of doing so, I'll give you the goods just like that:

Actually, I like all the trees, no matter if cedar, leaf tree, palm trees, or fruit trees. 
They all have their own charme:

Even though cedars only grow in the Northern part of the town, their rustic look is just what you need sometimes and during the pre-Christmas winter time they're decorated with fairy lights.

source ♡
Leaf trees might seem a bit boring but they are just the basic structure you need to frame sites. Besides, they turn pink with cherry blossoms in spring (only for a really short period of time but it's so worth it!).
source ♡
Palm trees only grow at the beach and there are two different kinds, palm trees growing bananas and palm trees growing coconuts. They just add that certain flavor to your town and make it possible to decorate your beach a bit (they, next to some fruit and shrubs are available after you unlocked the Island on day four or five after starting your town).


Fruit trees come in so many different kinds that I actually need a moment to list them all.
Apple, pear, orange, peach, cherry, lychee, persimon, durian and mango trees (beside the fruit you get from palm trees) are able to grow in your town. You get one of the first 5 kinds as your native fruit when you start your new town and this is the only kind of fruit you can plant perfect fruit trees from. Platning a perfect apple, for example, will only lead to a normal apple tree in my town because my native fruit is the orange (sigh). Though I said, I like them all because they just add that spot of color and rich feeling, my least favorite are durian and persimon trees (if I had to choose).

source ♡
Bamboo is another kind of tree that you can plant in your town. It has a bit of a weed feature since it spreads like a nasty desease if you don't pay attention or think about surrounding your bamboo garden with flowers, shrubs or pathes. It's still really pretty and I just recently started to like the way you can create different kind of stumps with it, depending on how young the bamboo is, when you cut it down.

source ♡

Next up are flowers. You can't really do anything wrong with them. If you have the Beautiful Town Ordiance, you should be warned that your town will be flooded with flowers mercilessly...
If it makes sense for your concept, a color concept for flowers might be good, too.
Your landscape preparation phase (for example the century you spend making your dreamies move to town), is a time you can conveniently use to breed hybrid colors of flowers.
My personal favorites are carnations, cosmos, violets and dandelion puffs (though they count as weed).
On the list, too, though only in limited colors: lily (pink/orange/black), pansy (orange/blue/purple/white) and tulips (white/pink/orange).

source ♡
Lastly, I want to share an overview regarding shrubs (or bushes)
They are perfect as partitions, to form and adore pathways and just generally spize up your town. Depending on their type, they will bloom at different times during the year. Here is a page describing planting restrictions, as well as an overview of all the different kinds of shrubs you have in the game, just click here.
My personal favorites are azalea, hydragea and holly shrubs, though I gladly use them all.


source ♡

If you put up your town to make it a nice dream town for other players to visit, finishing touches like presents, lost items (yes, you can never look for their original owner to keep them and decorate your town/house with), mushrooms, tree stumps, and so on are perfect and another way for creative outlet.
Giving your player's house a special theme and decorating it nicely is part of this too.
But maybe I'll put more depth into the furnishing process in the game, when I talk about the Retail's refurbishing options.

I think I covered everything I could think of. In the end, it's about you getting creative and comfortable with your town. You can just enjoy the game and play for the moment, not worrying about moveouts or what your town looks like - as long as you enjoy the game, it's all yours.
But if you want to landscape your town, I hope my tips and links will be of any help.

Once I get there, I will make sure to share the landscaping process of Faylea on fayleacrossing, too.
Until then, I hope I could give you some inspiration and ideas.

What concept/theme do you have in your town?
Tell me in a comment below.

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