10 March 2016

Etude House ♡ Pink Cherry Blossom

Finding a new Etude House news letter in my e-mailbox every other day isn't special. 
These days they frustrate me because I'm still working to overcome a financial desaster that occured in the beginning of 2016 and therefore am in a constant state of pennilessness.
Today however, the title just caught my attention like a spell and provoked me to actually binge on some new makeup that should be on its way to my doorstep asap.
Etude House started a new event called 'Pink Cherry Blossom' and everyone who knows me at least fairly well or follows my tumblr is in the know about my obsessive love for cherry and plum blossoms or blooming trees in general.

Long story short, today I want to share with you what this event set and new collection is about and what else I ordered as an early birthday present for myself!

The Pink Cherry Blossom collection includes 5 products and the special set (limited to 500 sets) with all of them is only available online (etudehouse.com).
Of course you can buy all the products seperately but since you get one thing for free and the set is a limited offer as well I got blinded by all of it and just scarfed up on it.

The new Pink Cherry Blossom collection includes:

Pink Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette  Pink Cherry Blossom All Over Spray
Pink Cherry Blossom Perfumed Hand Cream  Pink Cherry Blossom Pouch
Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencil 5 Colors

The products I'm most excited for are the eau de toilette and the pencil set.
I personally prefer eau de toilette to actual perfumes because they usually have more reasonable prices and tend to not be too intensive and/or overpowering.
I like fresh, sweet scents and eventhough I don't know what this specific one will smell like, I'm confident that it will be something in the range of what I like.

If you don't want to order the whole set because you're not a friend of body spray or don't need the pouch, you should definitely keep in mind that the Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencil 5 Colors kit has a limited offer even if purchased seperately right now.
All the colors look really cute and I can't wait to try them myself.

*I cut the original image from the page into parts and only took some of them to fit this posting. All used images are from Etude House. You can find the original here.

Beside that set, I ordered a couple of refillers for my favorite cushion foundation that I still need to do a review about - spoiler: I love it - and the Face Blur primer, that caught my eyes as one of their current bestsellers.
Even though I know that it will take at least 2 weeks (more realistical are 3~4) for the parcel to arrive I can't wait to try these out.
Sadly, this isn't a sponsored post but because I'm just so excited about the whole concept (I'm just too weak and needy for cherry blossoms and spring) I wanted to share this with you.
I'll even forgive Etude House for canceling the free shipping service for orders over $70 that I praised to the highest heavens the last time... I won't deny I'm still a bit grumpy about it, though.

There is not much going on these days. If I'm not playing Pokémon (chasing the legendary golems on Pokémon Omega Ruby right now) or Animal Crossing, I work on my termpaper or take long walks with my dog.
That, and the rather held back reception my latest posts got made me consider to change the updating schedule again. Uploading every 2 days was a good pattern to get a lot of content up when I needed it but these days, I feel like the update speed isn't working well for this plattform and causes the individual update's lack of attention and feedback.
Starting next week, I'll try to set for only 1~2 updates a week to give both my readers and myself more space and time to breathe.

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