23 March 2016

special ♡ SM pop up store & K-POP gets

People who have followed the updates about my trip to Korea probably remember that I uploaded a ton of pictures in a post about Myeongdong last November already.
Today, other than the previous non-chronological haul posts, I'll talk about a specific topic and share the small amount of impressions I've gathered while being in Korea.
Ironically, I bought more stuff related to Korean pop music and my favorite bands of that genre when I was in Japan than I did last summer when I was actually at the source.

However, I will share the small amount I have to offer and tell you about one of SM entertainment's pop up stores that my best friend s.a.m, another friend of us and I visited on one of our excursions around the infamous shopping district.
Next to the incredible amount of shops I showed in my update about 명동 [myeongdong], there is a rather large mini shopping mall underground.
You have direct acess to the metro and a couple of stores aboveground have some kind of basement story too, to welcome their customers asap.
Now, in the underground part of one of the rather large buildings you'll find aboveground is said store located but since I was lead there I'm far from being a safe bet orientation wise.
However, Internet is our friend and I looked it up for you, in case you go to Seoul and want to visit, too.

SM TOWN Pop Up Store is located in Young Plaza B1F, right next to Lotte Department Store.
The page here includes further description and even opening hours and detailed contact data.

Since I literally only took three photos while we looked around the store (I was just too overwhelmed) I decided to include my K-POP gets in this post, to make it worth your while after all. Please notice that I didn't buy anything in the store and missed the chance to go again after making up my mind because I just forgot how to go there.
Also, I realized that I tend to look my fill and end up not buying anything because I spent so much time admiring all the shinee things already (I'm aweful, please don't hate me for this pun).
They do have a lot of really cool stuff... a lot of stuff you actually don't need but let's not reason with our kind once the fangirl/fanboy mode is on.
There are smaller resellers around the underground shopping district I mentioned above that sell the same CDs for a little less money and I know for a fact that all the CDs s.a.m bought for me are from there, as well as the one I bought myself.
Anyway, carrying on - let's examine the goods.
 (exo) LAY 10 / EXODUS - graphic t-shirt (SPAO)
 (exo) Love Me Right (KR) - CD
 (exo) Love Me Right (CHN) - CD
 (bts) 화양연화 In the Mood for Love (3rd mini album) - CD
 (exo) EXODUS (KR) - tao vers. - CD

Lastly, I realized that I don't dish up most of my fangirl moments, so it might be a bit of a surprise for my more recent followers to hear that I am, indeed obsessed with a handful of things of which a not insignificant part consists of Korean boybands (unless you know me in person or follow my tumblr).
So if you're of the same kidney, feel free to follow me on tumblr and/or ask away. I really like to talk about this.

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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