20 April 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 16

Today, I'm taking another step forward in my Animal Crossing challenge.
The finish line is already in sight but you can still click here, to check out the questionaire I'm working with.
The pictures I use to introduce the different villagers I show here, are taken from A Forest Life and the original owner's blog is linked here.

Part 16 is all about two other super fun species. One of them only contains three different characters, who are all rather popular whilst the other category seems a bit under-appreciated sometimes.
We're talking about the swimmers of the neighbourhood, the small guys and girls that go out without a umbrella in the rain and the ones that make us constantly wonder how they can actually survive on land. Question 55 ~ 56; frogs and octopi - the splish-splash edition.

55 my favorite frog villagers

Jeremiah and Lily
56 my favorite octopus villagers

Marina and Zucker

As I mentioned in a part before Marina and Lily were actually second choice candidates for the 10th villager of my town Faylea. Now when she actually moved to Faylea I have to octopi but I don't really mind because they are so adorable.
To see these four cuties listed like that is funny though, because Zucker is already living in Faylea, Jeremiah used to live in Faylea and their character trades are identical too: Zucker and Jeremiah are both lazy villagers and Lily and Marina both from the normal category.

Who is your favorite frog/octopus villager?
Tell me in a comment below.

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