1 May 2016

a month in a nutshell ♡ 2016.04

After I skipped Wednesday's update because I had a deadline to deal with, it's time to welcome the new month and talk a bit about all the things I've done in Apirl - though you will have a small piece of April swooped over into May anyway, because I still haven't uploaded the last part of my spring blossom hunt.

 With the first of April came the first blossoms and just like last year the purple-leaf plum in my front-yard transformed into my favorite photo motive for the following three weeks.

 My birthday was not so far away anymore and it's been the first time in ages that I didn't forget about it a week before and actually had a celebration with my friends - which was a lot of fun, though I didn't have as much time to spend with all of them in the end, because we were quite a bunch of people (which is why I prefer really small groups over big parties - you just feel closer to the attendies & can actually have talks with them, without feeling like you're leaving out someone else).

 Receiving B.A.P's Carnival album (next to a lot of other wonderful gifts) helped me get over the fact that I won't be able to attend their concert in May.

 University started again & I am about to start the third week, balancing between internship shifts and university schedules. It's hard but I like how much I get done.
It always makes me feel good, if I can visualize of how many things I'm capable and that I can manage all of these things without any major problems. It makes me a little proud of myself.

 I visited two cherry blossom festivals, that I blogged about in a couple of postings already. 
I'm always happy if I get to go outside and do something out of my usual schedule, though my internship lead me to some places already this month. Who would have thought that I would spent an evening in the Japanese embassy to listen to a classic concert while I summarize a text for a presentation I was told to do two days later...

 One of my best friends celebrated her birthday as well (we're both Aries, what an explosive combination) and I am so glad that I made it and could attend the party because I saw a lot of great people I haven't seen in a longer time. I was really tired that evening and had to get up early again the morning afterwards but all of this was pretty much worth the happiness points I earned myself with some social interaction.

 No matter how much pride and relief showered down on me after the first week of university was over (with a fully scheduled weekend attached to it) the first weekend I could relax again and just don't do anything (well, except for the usual university preperations) was another highlight.
I bought Yo-Kai Watch, that finally arrived in the European stores and raided my supply of Japanese sweets, that I've got from my internship boss as a souvenir after she returned from her business trip to Japan and spent all of yesterday playing my new game. I checked the ingame data and according to that I literally played a straight 8h, but the game is just so much fun.
I'll probably play some more later tonight, before the next week starts and I will be too busy again.

What did you do this April and which were your personal highlights?
Tell me in a comment below.

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